Rod Couch

"We've Got To Execute Better"

Bronco offensive coordinator Eliah Drinkwitz spoke with the media today about the Washington game last week, saying that the execution suffered in the second half and the coaches and players must all improve.

In his first game as the offensive coordinator for Boise State, Eliah Drinkwitz saw both good and bad.  Drinkwitz noted the first-half play in which the Broncos ran up a 16-0 lead on Washington last Friday.  

(Video by Rod Couch)

At the same time, Drinkwitz acknowledged that "there's things we wish we did differently."  Boise State's problems occurred in the second half.  Washington outscored the Broncos 13-0 in the second half, and a miss on a 46-yard field goal attempt in the final seconds gave Boise State a 16-13 win.  

Drinkwitz said, "Nobody wanted to win that game 100-0 worse than me, but games never go the way you expect them to go. Could it have been a different score?  Absolutely.  Do we have the expectation that we've got to execute better?  100 percent, 100 percent.  No one's sitting there patting themselves on the back."

Drinkwitz was pleased with the performance of Bronco quarterback Ryan Finley, who also made his first start against Washington.  "He's going to continue to get better.  He's not a finished product, but he's 1-0," Drinkwitz said.

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