Rod Couch

Happy But Studying Hard

Boise State is coming off a strong defensive showing against Washington last Friday. This week, the Broncos are hard at work getting ready for BYU.

Boise State defensive coordinator Marcel Yates saw a lot of what he wanted from his defense against Washington last Friday in Boise.  The Broncos heled the Huskies to 181 total yards, and just 31 rushing yards on 21 carries in Boise State's 16-13 victory.

It's the kind of performance that Yates and the Bronco coaches know they will need in the early part of the season while the Boise State offense finds itself.  

 "We played hard; we played fast," Yates commented.  "We were talking; we were on the same page."  

(BroncoCountry photo by Rod Couch)

The biggest change Yates sees in his unit's mentality:  "I don't think that defense (the 2014 Bronco defense) thought they could win the Ole Miss game on defense.  I think this team this year felt like they actually could."

With the Bronco offense sputtering Friday night in a second half that produced zero points, it is likely that the Boise State defense will have to keep that same mentality against BYU.

Asked if he watched the entire BYU game with Nebraska, Yates responded, "I tivoed it, I slow-mo'd it, I rewinded it, I watched the whole game and I watch it three times a day."

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