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Boise State Broncos Head Coach Bryan Harsin Believes Loss To BYU Cougars Can Ignite His Team

Bronco coach Bryan Harsin sees the loss to BYU as magnifying the importance of the little things that a team must do to be successful.

Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin says the Broncos can "learn a lot" from the 35-24 loss to BYU last Saturday.   

"Losing is no fun.  It's all the little things that add up.  To me, that's the key ingredient to successful teams is win or lose, those things continue to be the most important things," he said.  "For me," Harsin continued, "as disappointing as it is, it also ignites you, because it's a chance to go out there and prove you can get it done when you didn't the week before.  When I've lost games, I didn't sit there and cry about it.  It was time to get back to work and it really lights a fire that you want to back out there on the football field and prove it and get it done."  

Harsin acknowledged the problems with the Bronco offense--"We need to eliminate the turnovers; we've got to be stingy with the turnovers."

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Regarding Bronco quarterback Ryan Finley and his status, Harsin said, "He's the starter."  "There's always competition, Harsin continued.  We're game two and we still have a lot of season ahead of us.  We're still working through the best combination of players on the field."  Noting the challenges presented by Washington and BYU, Harsin said, "He's had two pretty good games to start with, to learn from.  The things he's learned need to show up in this game against Idaho State."

Harsin pointed out that sometimes a quarterback needs to recognize that the opponent has a play covered well and the best thing to do is run or throw the ball out of bounds.    Harsin said that was a key to the development of last year's starter, Grant Hedrick:  "If that (thowing the ball out of bounds) meant we had to kick it away and play defense, at least we didn't turn the ball over.  The drive ended in a kick, which is what we want.  Every week, the real simple question is 'What did you learn?  Win or lose, what did you learn?'" (especially at that position).

The Broncos host Idaho State this Friday in Albertsons Stadium, and Harsin knows about their ability.  "Idaho State's a very good football team," Harsin said.  We know they're very well-coached and we know they're also going to cause issues with different looks.  They're going to disguise and do different things."  

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