Boise State Bronco Head Coach Bryan Harsin and the Team Are Moving On in the Wake of Saturday's Loss to the Utah State Aggies

Talking to Bronco fans and the media is considerably easier following a win. This afternoon, Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin earned his money talking to a critical group of local media members.

BOISE, Idaho--Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin faced the local media this afternoon following Boise State's 52-26 loss to Utah State Saturday.

Harsin said that the game came down to turnovers, and deflected specific questions about other things that might explain the result, such as the offensive line allowing 11 tackles-for-loss in the game.

Harsin said that the first step in explaining the result was in self-evaluation, saying, "The first way I approach it is I start with myself, and I really look at 'What did I do during the week that maybe hurt us?'  I'm going to question things that we did.  When you don't have a great performance, you have to look at and evaluate yourself first."

Noting that his philosophy for his coaching staff and his team is they want to win each week, Harsin said that "The motivation's still there--that hasn't changed."  He added that "The ball doesn't just bounce funny for the Broncos, either."

Boise State had a similar situation last year, in which they lost to Air Force (also giving them two losses on the year).  Harsin said, "That game has really helped us from that point on with everything we've done in every single game."  "So what do you do?  You regroup.  We know we can play better football.  If we take care of the ball, we'll be competitive."

"I watch our coaches work and I watch our team work--I watch 'em in the weight room, I watch 'em in the academic center, I watch 'em out at practice, and I don't have a lot of complaints when it comes to effort," Harsin said.  "I like this team and I like this staff," he continued, "and I like that they care tremendously about their performance and how they prepare themselves."

Harsin noted that his team continued to play hard and compete, even when it appeared they would not be able to win.  "We had a fourth down stop at the end of the game.  That says a lot to me about, hey, at least we're staying in there and we're battling.  That all is going to show up later on down the road."

Harsin says he expects starting running back Jeremy McNichols to play this week.  

Harsin and the Broncos host Wyoming this week during Homecoming week.  Harsin said about the Cowboys:  "They're running the ball the way they want to run it--physical, downhill and being productive.  Defensively, (in the win over Nevada last Saturday) they created penetration; they tackled well.  The thing that stands out to me is the physicality."

Kickoff between the Broncos and Cowboys is Saturday night at 8:15 in Albertsons Stadium.

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