Boise State Bronco Offensive Coordinator Eliah Drinkwitz Recognizes The Importance of Winning Individual Battles Against New Mexico Lobos

Coach Drinkwitz gave an assessment of the New Mexico defense and what his team is doing to get ready for Saturday's game with the Lobos.

Boise State offensive coordinator Eliah Drinkwitz spoke about the Broncos' bye week and the game this Saturday with New Mexico during a press conference this afternoon in Boise.

Drinkwitz outlined what the Bronco offense has been working on during the last week.

"[We're] still focused on ball security, fundamentals of playing each individual position, running and catching, route-running, focusing on our handoffs.  Just getting back to the basics, making sure you're sharp on those, ready to finish out the year."

Drinkwitz talked about the benefits of having a bye week:  "I think mentally, it helps you as much as anything,"  "Physically, it's good, but mentally, to get away from it and get recharged, refreshed, just take a deep breath, and then get back up ready to go.  I think the mindset changes, you feel fresher, you feel refocused, you feel reenergized, and I think that's the biggest key."

Drinkwitz noted that the Lobos have a very good defnse and run to the football.  "They understand the system that they're running and how to run it," he said.

Observing that New Mexico is active on defense, Drinkwitz said, "They pressure a lot.  We faced a team like that a few games ago and it gave us some real issues," he said.

Given that pressure, Drinkwitz outlined what the Bronco offense has to do this Saturday.

"You've got to win one-on-one matchups on the perimeter, you've got to be accurate at the quarterback position when you throw the foobal, you've got to block very well with the offensive line and the running back's got to make people miss."

In recent weeks, Boise State has turned almost exclusively to Jeremy McNichols and Kelsey Young at running back.  Drinkwitz explained the reasons for that decision.

"We just feel really good about those two guys, and the've performed well, understand protections and they're playing at a high level.  Once you feel pretty good about something, you try to stay with it."

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