The Boise State Bronco Defense Has Bad Memories of Last Year's Game With The New Mexico Lobos

The Bronco defense has bad memories of last year's game.

BOISE, Idaho--We all have moments or days that we would like to forget.  There are actions that perhaps we took or didn't take that if we had to do it all over, we would choose a completely different path.

Boise State linebacker Ben Weaver, when asked what memories he had about last year's game with New Mexico, said "Not fond ones--ones I don't like to remember," he said.  

For Weaver and the Bronco defense, there are several things that they would change about last year's game if they had the chance.  Turns out they do.  Boise State hosts New Mexico Saturday in Albertsons Stadium and for the Bronco defense, it will be the first of two weeks in a row that they face an offense with a triple option attack.  Boise State hosts Air Force next week.

Boise State allowed a school record 505 yards of rushing to the Lobos last season, and now that they face running backs Teriyon Gibson and Jhurell Pressley for a second time, the Bronco defense would prefer to not be so generous.

Weaver praised Gibson:  "He's definitely a great player.  He's fast, physical, [and] can change direction good.  Stopping him will be a key, as well as the other backs."

A triple option offense relies on one player on the defense not doing their job.  Kicking the bad habits from the game last season is a priority in preparation for Saturday's game.  "You've really got to rely on your coaches and listen up and make those in-game corrections," Weaver said.

It might be difficult for some Bronco fans to understand how a team that excels against the run as both last year's Boise State defense and this year's squad does, to have trouble against the option.  But as Weaver explained, defensing triple option attacks is completely different than going against typical offenses.

"When you play a traditional offense, a lot of times it’s the whole defense just playing hard and fast and rallying to the football.  The triple option is really singled out on making sure everyone's doing their job, and so if one person out of 11 isn't, then a big play can occur."

Weaver said that eyes can be the biggest asset a defensive player has in playing the triple option--"Eyes are a very important part about football.  Your eyes give you your keys and enable you to react.  Your eyes are incredibly important in disciplined games like this."

Kickoff is Saturday night at 8:15.

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