Rod Couch

Darian Thompson Is One of the Anchors of the Boise State Bronco Defense

Darian Thompson, like several Broncos from last year's team, has seen the option attack of New Mexico at its best.

BOISE, Idaho--Darian Thompson has been a model Bronco, one the other members of the Boise State defense can emulate, in more ways than one.

Thompson not only broke the Mountain West Conference career interception record with 19; he is also one of Boise State's surest tacklers.  In tonight's game with New Mexico, tackling is of utmost importance as the Broncos go against the triple option attack of the Lobos.

As Thompson points out in the video above, the goal of an option offense is to get the ball carriers out in space in one-on-one situations with defenders.  Quite often, that defender is a defensive back such as Thompson.  Defensive coordinator Marcel Yates has been stressing tackling all week long as well as discipline and vision.

"Everybody has to have great eyes and do their job," Thompson said.  "It just comes down to discipline".

The discipline Thompson refers to doesn't apply to just one player or one play--if one Bronco takes his eyes off of his key for one play, it could result in a touchdown.  And the option offense has the additional effect of lulling defenders to sleep as they run the ball play after play.  Then, the quarterback drops back and burns the defense on a long passing play, as Lamar Jordan of the Lobos did last week in a 14-13 win over Utah State when Jordan found Delane Hart-Johnson for an 86-yard touchdown on the first score of the game.

"That one time that you decide to take your eyes off your man, that's when they hit you," Thompson said.

Bronco fans will be watching for vision and discipline from the Boise State team tonight in Albertsons Stadium.  Kickoff is set for 8:15 PM Mountain Time.

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