Boise State Legend Kellen Moore Finally Gets His NFL Shot

The Dallas Cowboys have struggled at Quarterback since losing starter Tony Romo, enter Boise State legend Kellen Moore...

It took NFL Coaches nearly 4 full season to discover that Boise State legend and NCAA all-time winningest Quarterback Kellen Moore can actually play in the NFL.

Saturday night at home in Dallas facing the Jets, Moore was thrust into action early in the game when Cowboy starter Matt Cassel proved ineffective. Moore went on to complete 15 of 25 passes for 158 yards with one touchdown and three interceptions. The final INT coming on a hail mary attempt in the final minute of the game that ended in a 19-16 defeat for the Cowboys.

Moore wasn't without struggles, his second pass was picked off, and he was intercepted in the End Zone on a drive that could have produced the game winning points, but the point is Moore MOVED the Cowboy offense, something Cassel hadn't been able to do since taking over for Brandon Weeden, who replaced Tony Romo when he went down with an injury.

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett stopped short of naming Moore the starter for the remaining two games, but at this point, in a losing season.. why not let it ride with Moore, who could turn out to be the only salvagable thing left on the season for the Cowboys at the QB position.

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