The Preparation of the Boise State Bronco Gymnasts Is Paying Off

The Broncos face a tough fight tonight at Southern Utah

BOISE, Idaho--The Boise State gymnastics team is making history, and Bronco co-head coach Neil Resnick gives all the credit to the young women on his team.

Resnick and Tina Bird are entering their ninth season at the helm of the Bronco program.  They've continued the Boise State tradition of being ranked in the Top 20 every year and put their team on the cusp of the Top 10 with rankings at #12 and #13 the past two years.  Last week, the Broncos reached the Top 10 for the first time and this week, they moved up to #9.  Resnick credits the hard work that his team put in over the off-season with the improvement.

"Early on, we made a goal to get started sooner and get to that 196 mark earlier and the girls, starting last summer really, with their summer practice, the amount of conditioning they did on their own, the preparation they did in the offseason, that's a big difference."

Resnick is thankful for the leadership displayed by seniors Krystine Jacobsen and Maddie Krentz:  "Our two captains are doing an amazing job, Krystine and Maddie," Resnick said.  "They lead the way by example.  They rallied the troops last year like I say in the late summer, early fall to get going and they set some goals.  That kind of thing for a team--you can't go without it."

That magic 196 mark that Resnick referred to is required for a team to be in the Top 10 or near it, and Resnick believes his team has two important qualities that are behind that consistency:  "They're fundamentally sound and they're in tremendous physical condition.  You put those two things together with repetitions and you're going to have a pretty consistent performance."

Boise State travels to take on always tough Southern Utah in Cedar City tonight, and as usual, Coach Resnick expects a tough meet.  

"It's going to be a dogfight.  We've never been in that place any time where it wasn't a battle to the last girl.  This might be the toughest meet we have this year."

Action gets underway at 7 p.m. Mountain Time tonight.  Live results will be transmitted on

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