Boise State Broncos... Public Enemy #1

Last winter I took some of this space to layout the background and mechanics of the East Coast Media Cartel.<br><br>This time I want to share some thoughts with you the Bronco fan about this upcoming season of football. My thesis is simple: no one outside of the Bronco athletic office and Bronco fandom is going to get behind the Boise State Broncos - no one. The cartel is out to get the Broncos - and they picked up some allies over the off-season.

I just read that SI, the official voice of insanity in college football, ranked our Broncos at 61 to start the season.

The Broncos are behind such powerhouses as Wake Forest, Boston College, and if you can believe it, Fresno State & Hawaii. You remember the last two from their secondaries that were last seen running around in circles on the blue in 2002.

That is the sort of respect the Broncos have earned after four straight seasons of great football in which they are among the national leaders in the number of wins. This season will be all about the naysayers who are going to try everything to beat down the Broncos. While this is nothing new, we should prepare ourselves for the fact that everyone loves to watch a Cinderella fail. Everyone wants to show that last year's success was a fluke. Every team faced by the Broncos will now use the Broncos as a measuring block. And this will not be strictly on the field - sportswriters far and wide are looking for a reason to take the slot in the top 25 that the Broncos earned last year and hand it back to another nondescript BCS team. Heck, the sportswriters - read Prater on up- and opposing coaches already think this year's team is nothing but a shadow of the 2002 version. Blah, blah, blah - boring and easy columns to write. Heck, fellow WAC brethren who usually would want a conference school to do well will be hitting hard at the Broncos given the conference realignment battles that are ongoing. In order for a Nevada, UTEP, Hawaii, or Fresno State to get a sniff from another conference they first have to take the slot held by the Broncos. Whereas last season fellow WAC SID's gave the Broncos votes in the polls, look for that trend to end as they seek to hold back the Broncos from breaking from the pack and becoming the top school in the WAC - something most of us already realize happened a while ago.

There will be no freebies this year. The coaches, players, and fans better get used to the bulls-eye being squarely on this program like never before. People are waiting for the program to falter and opposing coaches hit their knees every night and pray that the Broncos slip up. Everyone outside of the Bronco family wants to see the Broncos lose, and lose often. Every school in the Northwest wants the Broncos to fail so they do not have to compete with Boise State in recruiting wars. Every East Coast Cartel member wants the Broncos to fail in order to back up their long held belief in that Western college football is all razzle-dazzle gimmickry with no substance.

The Bronco's first two games are against teams that have nothing to lose and everything to gain against the Broncos. These two teams don't really care if they win another game all season long because if they beat the Broncos their coaches will yap about that all the way through January. We know Larry Lewis has a very strong team coming down I-84 from the tundra region this year and that nothing beats the satisfaction of a I-AA team beating a I-A team in their house - and this does happen every single year. And although no scientific evidence can be found that shows there is a pulse in Moscow, we have heard that they still field a quasi Div. I-A football team featuring a coach that would like nothing more than a big old milkshake and a win over the Broncos (and some babyback ribs). The third team the Broncos face are BCS boys that would love to re-establish the pecking order: PAC-10, Seahawks, MWC, WAC, I-AA. These three games will challenge the Broncos on all fronts.

Let's be clear, last year was a breakthrough year for Boise State University's football program. Nothing can ever be taken away from the players that made it happen starting their freshman seasons - and nothing will take away the memories. Go on over to and take a last final look at the polls last year, but that's it, it's over. It's time to get on board with a new Bronco team that will take on its own identity and add to the legacy of football on Lyle Smith Field. I bet this group is going to Prove It all over again.

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