Broncos finish first scrimmage...

A Photo Montage of the Broncos first Scrimmage of the 2003 season.

2003 Boise State Fall Scrimmage Pictures:  August 17, 2003 

Chris Carr looks for an open lane

Andy Weldon Picks up a block from Gilligan and....

....Turns the corner on a big gain.

Brett Denton finds a crease...

...and squirts through

Chris Carr eyes the pass...

...and jumps high to make the pick.

New Bronco QB Taylor Tharp sets to throw.

Tim Gilligan starts a punt return that went the distance... for a 50+ yrd TD

RD gets good protection and heaves a long one.

Tony McPherson puts a move on his defender.

RD looks surveys the field through a great passing lane the OL created for him.

QJones whistles by the defense like a missle..

New Walk-on Punter Kyle Stringer has the coaches looking up.. up.. & away

Stringer can also kick... with an ability to put nearly 80% of his KO's in the endzone.

The powerful follow-through that puts the ball out of the stadium.

Tyler Jones knows a thing or two about kicking for distance...

Nike flight 85 now cleared for takeoff... notice the nice Nike swoosh... ;)
More pictures coming soon..... 

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