10 PreSeason Questions w/ (Most) The BroncoCountry Staff

BroncoCountry took 4 of it's writers and polled them on 10 questions ranging from Wins to Break-out Players..

What will the Boise State overall record be?

  • Chase: This seems like a classic case of a team that will need to rely on its offense to outscore opponents. It’s like we’re back in the old WAC days! I think McNichols, Rypien, Sperbeck and Co. will put up big numbers, and initially the Broncos will have to win games that way while the younger portions of the defense gets its sea legs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an undefeated year, nor would another 8-4 regular season campaign shock me. That said, I think things will end up in the middle. 10-2 is my prediction. Don’t ask me who the losses are.

  • Nate: Undefeated, whatever number that means. The Broncos will be on the outside looking into the CFP, and Bryan Harsin wins COY.

  • Kevin: 9-3. I hate to be the negative Nancy, but I’ve yet to see Harsin mature as a Head Coach to the point of out-coaching other, more experienced Coaches. I’m afraid that trend could continue with 3 losses this year.

  • Martin: While the offense has so much talent, the defense has so many question marks. The overall record will be determined by how much this defense comes together, how young players step up, and how well they can play early on. While I do believe the potential is there for a really good D, and an undefeated season, there is just no way to tell right now. Because of that my best guess is 10-2, but with a trip to the MWC Championship game.

Who will be the Boise State offensive POY?

  • Chase: Rypien. McNichols’ success will open up the passing game big time, and vice versa. In the end you have to go with the guy who touches the ball every snap (unless it’s a trick play, of course).

  • Nate: It would be utter blasphemy to put anyone’s name but Brett Rypien here. We’ve only scratched the surface with what Brett is going to accomplish over the next few years.

  • Kevin: Jeremy McNichols will be Boise State’s Mr Everything. Catches, Rushing, he could probably lead the team in Tackles if given the chance. Season rests on the health of the McWeapon.

  • Martin: While Jeremy McNichols is most likely going to do some big things this season, I think Brett Rypien gets the nod. Simply because quarterbacks tend to get too much focus and credit whether a team wins or loses. However, that's not to say Rypien will not deserve the award, because he will. He seems to have corrected his overthrows on long passes, and with another year under his belt in this system he is poised for a special season. McNichols has a lot of depth behind him, and will get some help. The same can't be said for Rypien

Who will be the Boise State defensive POY?

  • Chase: I have to go with Ben Weaver. The linebackers are the most experienced position group on that side of the ball, and that fact will be evident early in the year. Weaver racks up tackles like I consume Mountain Dew: Often and with reckless abandon. He may even snag another interception or two.

  • Nate: Tanner Valejo. His senior season will be one for the record books.

  • Kevin: I think this is a breakthrough season for Joey Martarano. Too much size, speed, field intelligence, strength, and overall pure athletic talent for him to not step up. He’ll make a name for himself among Conference opponents.

  • Martin: If he stays healthy I think Tanner Vallejo will be the guy. What he did through the Spring, Summer, and now into fall camp is impressive. He has become a real leader on this team, and he will play a big part in helping this young defense be successful in 2016.

Who will be the breakout star of 2016?

  • Chase: Chase Blakely. He has a fantastic first name, and it’s about time he lives up to the potential he showed in high school. The former 4-star recruit is coming off an Achilles injury and will be needed in a position that is deep on talent, but low on experience. Look for the Northern Idaho man to have a big year.

  • Nate: Jabril Frazier. Fans have been wondering when we would see the Jabril that the Broncos stole away from USC a few years ago, and 2016 is the season that all of the waiting finally comes to fruition.

  • Kevin: Cedrick Wilson. Ryp has to have someone to throw the ball to, and Defenses are going to key on Sperbeck. Wilson has NFL type size and speed. He’s going to blow people away.

  • Martin: This is difficult because I have several in mind. On defense I think you could see a true freshman or two step up, and players like Sam McCaskill, Joe Martarano, Dylan Sumner-Gardner, and Raymond Ford all have the potential to do some big things. On the offensive side of the ball I think Cedrick Wilson, A.J. Richardson, and Akilian Butler are going to impress. But, my pick for breakout player of the year is—Devan Demas. Yes, you read that right. The guy we have all been waiting for to have a “breakout” season. Well, as a senior I think he finally makes it happen.

On a scale of churo to Chandler’s Steakhouse, how many total yards and TD’s will Brett Rypien throw for in 2016?

  • Chase: 3,500 yards and 31 touchdowns. So, medium rare prime rib from The Brickyard, I guess.

  • Nate: 3,800 yards and 28 TD’s, which should put him somewhere in the ballpark of a Filet Mignon and a New York Strip.

  • Kevin: Part of it depends on McWeapon’s durability. He’s the only true 4-down RB threat at Boise State who’s not a True Freshman. If Jeremy stays healthy, Ryp throws for a modest 4000 yards, 320 completions, and 26 TD’s. If Jeremy gets dinged, however, Ryp explodes for 4600 yards, 380 completions, and 30 TD’s. Dude’s a Snake River Farm’s Wagyu Beef Brisket, raised of course, in Idaho.

  • Martin: I think Brett Rypien is going to have a fine dining experience in 2016 devouring opposing defenses. With all the weapons returning, and new ones acquired, he will throw for over 3800 yards, and at least 35 touchdowns. Mark it down, and don't forget to tip your server on the way out.

How many sacks does Gabe Perez tally for the year?

  • Chase: Let’s go with 4. But that’s only because teams will key on him, therefore letting Jabril Frazier go ham sammich in the offensive backfield.

  • Nate: 13 sacks. #NeckRollPower

  • Kevin: I think our DLine struggles after losing so many Seniors. Talent is there, but it’s young and inexperienced.. They’ll improve mightily as the season progresses, but I look for more modest numbers.. I say 6 sacks.

  • Martin: I think Gabe Perez will have a good season, but I don't know if his number of sacks will be all that high. The over-under on this for me would be 10. I say he stays just shy of that total at 9.5.

On a scale of “I think we’ve got a chance”, to “no way in hell”, how likely are the Broncos to make a New Year’s Bowl this season?

  • Chase: I think Boise State has a very good chance. They will need to go 11-1 at the very worst, and, of course, hope for some chaos elsewhere.

  • Nate: The way I see it, if the Broncos can get passed the passing attack of Washington State early on, it will be smooth sailing throughout, and we will once again see the boys in blue on New Years Day. So, I think we’ve got a chance.

  • Kevin: I just don’t think the stars are aligned for the Broncos this year. You live and die by your DLine, and losing that many starters/seniors, especially with our history of struggling against power rushing attacks, doesn’t bode well in my mind. The good news is we’re loaded with legit, young talent at both DT and DE.. but they need time to grow into NY6 level of play.

  • Martin: I think there is a chance even if the Broncos lose a game or two. Looking at other schedules, I don’t see another G5 team that will run the table. The one team that could give Boise State a run is San Diego State. If these two teams meet in the MWC Championship game, I think Boise State’s offense will be the difference maker.

Who’s the most under-the-radar play on this roster, and what nickname would you give him?

  • Chase: Give me Evan Tyler, all day every day. The lanky safety is coming off a redshirt year and will likely be pressed into early playing time. He’s as talented a defensive back as we’ve recruited in recent years, and I think he lives up the expectations that will be heaped upon him.

  • Nate: Akilian Butler. Another big-name recruit, who hasn’t exactly lived up to the hype yet. But I think 2016 will be the year for fans to finally get a taste of what they’ve all seen on his high school highlight tape. Nickname: BBQ Butler. Becuase he’s from Mesquite, Texas, and that makes me think of food.

  • Kevin: Sonatane Lui. Nobody knows anything about him cause he’s fresh off an LDS Mission and joined the team in January. But he’s big, he’s strong as an ox, and he’s my pick.. Out of all the True Freshmen, to have a huge impact on this season. Nickname: “Lui Lui”.. of course.

  • Martin: Look for linebacker Leighton Vander Esch to make some noise for Boise State in 2016. He is big (6-4, 236 lbs), and plays the position with attitude and passion. He’s a good athlete, and last season on special teams made some really impressive plays. Nickname: “Lay-em-out” Vander Esch.

How many Coug Tears will be shed when BYU comes to town on October 20th?

  • Chase: Yes. All the tears.

  • Nate: Infinity. The crying has no beginning nor end, and will be especially thick in October.

  • Kevin: BYU scares me. Even on the Blue. I don’t see this being a gimmee game in any sense. I think Boise State wins, largely based on BYU’s new Coaching staff still trying to implement their style of play.. But BYU is talented and dangerous. I don’t see any tears shed.. but there could be a nut punch or two.

  • Martin: BYU will be a challenging game. Let’s hope those won’t be tears of joy for Coug fans. I personally don’t think they will be. I think the offense will shine at home, and win this game in an old fashioned WAC like shootout. Of course, last time I thought that it ended up 7-6.

How will Craig Thompson react if the Broncos get an invite to the Big XII?

  • Chase: He will be so distraught that he’ll have a bad wig day.

  • Nate: Facebook Live Stream of an angry head-shaving tirade.

  • Kevin: Unfortunately I don’t see the Big12 in Boise State’s future.. so he’ll probably just smirk and comb his hair some more.

  • Martin: The only way Boise State gets an offer would be football only. If that were to happen (most likely won’t) Thompson would spend his time explaining why the Broncos Olympic sports are not welcomed in the Mountain West without football. Like Yogi Berra once said, “It will be like Deja Vu all over again.”

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