Bronco's Offense: Hanging on the Line.

There are 18 Offensive Linemen listed on the Bronco squad, of those 18, only 3 are Seniors. Not only that, but of the remaining 15, only 5 are Juniors.. that means that 10 of the 16 Offensive Linemen on the Bronco team are Underclassmen. While that bodes well for the future of the Bronco Offense.. it could create some apprehension for some Bronco fans. Well... I'm here to tell you that there's no reason to fear.. to the contrary, there is every reason to be encouraged for the Bronco future!


Darryn Colledge:  Only a Soph this year.. and he's already getting NFL Buzz... biggest worry about Colledge is the danger of him leaving early for the NFL.  He was a standout athlete in HS, starring in FB and Basketball at North Pole Alaska.  Greyshirted his first year with the Broncos, and then redshirted.  Had the ESPN announcers drooling all over themselves last year during the Fresno blowout.

Rusty Colburn:  Only a JR.. (HUGE player with the Perfect attitude for a Bronco Olineman... confident almost to the point of arrogance, and a little nasty!)  Colburn was the starter last year before going down with a broken leg in the Hawaii game.  He has rehabbed and is back to 100%.  Colburn is big, fast, strong, and learned from possibly the best Bronco OLinemen ever in Scooter Huff, Rob Vian, and Matt Hill.  He is now the one passing on the Bronco attitude to the young pups.

Jason Turner:  The only SR. of the T's that will see playing time, Turner was a season-saving replacement for the Broncos when Colburn went down last season.  Extremely versatile, Turner has been experimented with at Center as well as tackle.

Tony Volponi:  Has continually impressed and is already the backup to DColledge.  Volponi was an outstanding HS player in Olympia, WA and was a very big 'get' for the Broncos when he committed.  Volponi was the 1 Offensive Lineman recruit that the coaches considered not Redshirting last year.. he was that good already.

Kevin Worack:  Has all the potential in the world, he was the top lineman at the Oregon, Colorado, Colorado State, Wyoming and Kansas summer camps his SR season in HS.  Also has NFL Size at 6'6 300+lbs.  His size and strength may have hurt him, however, because as a HS'r he could out muscle other players.. once he learns all the techniques from OL Coach Chris Strausser.. we might have a hard time keeping the NFL scouts away.

Tad Miller:  Has the size to play T, has already impressed with his strength and techniques.. as a True Freshman!  Should Redshirt.. but could see playing time if any injuries hit the other tackles.  Miller, luckily for Bronco fans, is a Boise native and grew up a Bronco fan.

Others:  Twins Derek Kishpaugh and Drew Kishpaugh are both injured, however when healthy they do provide experienced backups.



Tyrone Tutogi:  The only SR in the Guard rotation, Tutogi came to the Broncos from Northridge when they dropped their program.  Tutogi was a starter at Northridge as a True Freshman.  

M.J. Ansel:  Won the starting spot this fall as a JR.  Ansel is an experienced backup as he saw a lot of action last year.  It can be ascertained how good Ansel is, based merely on the fact of who he beat out for the starting spot.  

Kellen Wright:  Was injured, for the 2nd time in his career at the last scrimmage of the year, but he came back from the 1st injury, (a blown knee), and worked his way into a #1 backup spot... so there is no reason to think he won't be able to do that again.  He most likely will not be available to the Broncos this year, which is a huge blow to our depth at G.   

Ryan Keating:  Keating has already become a name to know on the OLine. He was an early commit for the Broncos in 02, and has the size and potential to play right now.  He is from the same hometown as M.J. Ansel, (Huntington Beach, CA)

Jeff Cavender / Pete Cavender: How do you not lump these 2 together in the same position?  The Cavender twins may have been the biggest coup for the Broncos this past recruiting season.  The identical twins were getting a lot of early buzz from the Pac-10.  With GPA's ABOVE 4.0.. they are the prototypical ideal recruits.. they even made it easy on the Bronco recruiting budget.  With the injury to Kellen Wright, one or both of them could burn their RS year this year.

Others:  Rusty Colburn, the coaches have experimented with Turner at the T as well as C spot, and moved Colburn to the G... They may be the Co-MVPs of the OL this year if they are called upon to cover other positions.  Reported Greyshirt commit Andrew Woodruff could become a force early for the Broncos IF he does indeed follow through with his reported commitment to the Broncos.  Woodruff was named the Outstanding Lineman at the Stanford Nike camp.. over numerous Pac-10 recruits... and even more impressive is when you consider his background.  Here's a quote from Woodruff:  "Once I got registered, (For the Nike Camp), and I knew the date was coming up, I thought to myself, ‘Why not start changing now,'" Woodruff said. "I changed my diet and I really hit the track to start working out. I'm going to be taking a lot home with a lot of new philosophies and new viewpoints."  Woodruff sounds a lot like Colledge in that DC also greyshirted to learn the position and do conditioning.. and could easily have early NFL buzz with his talent and potential.  There is nothing holding Woodruff to his commitment to the Broncos, so we are still in danger of having other teams try to swoop in to take him, and if that happens we will wish him luck and follow his career with interest, but obviously we WANT, (very much) for him to play on the Blue!!



Mike MacLeod:  The lone Senior at Center, MacLeod has the size, strength, and experience to help ease the loss of All-WAC center Scooter Huff.  MacLeod's pedigree has Bronco Blue all over it.  His father, Doug MacLeod, was a two-year starter at tackle for Boise State and his godfather, Mark Villano, was an All-Big Sky center for the Broncos.  

Klayton Adams:  The JCTransfer from American River JC walked on in the Spring and has pushed for playing time from the start.  He is not far behind MacLeod in ability and provides very important depth.

Joe Wiegand:  The RSFR Wiegand may have been the starter had he not been in a serious accident over the summer that held him out of practice and workouts until Mid-August.  Wiegand is very reminiscent of 4-year starter Huff in leadership, attitude, size, and talent.  Look for him to push both the other centers for playing time before the end of the season and to push Adams very hard for the starting spot next season.

Others: Jason Turner, has played center in his past, (HS), and could move there in a pinch.

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