2017 National Letter of Intent Signing Day for Boise State

BroncoCountry's very own BroncoBob goes over National Letter of Intent Day at Boise State, Past, Present, and Future...

Wednesday, February 1st, colleges and universities across the country are allowed to announce their recruits for the 2017 season.

National Letter of Intent (NLI) Signing Day is the first day that a high-school football player can accept an athletic scholarship to play for the college or university of his choice. Schools receive the athlete's Signed Letter of Intent by fax during the morning and early afternoon. Once the faxed and signed NLI is received, the school adds the students' name and bio to their press release. 

The Official NLI Website

Athletic Directors and Head Football Coaches schedule Press Conferences for Alumni & Fans with special events to celebrate the signings of their future college football players.  Many local radio stations sponsor these local booster events in their cities. 

College Football Fans take the NLI Signing Day very seriously. Many take a vacation day or even call in sick to attend the events of the day! The comment most heard is "This is better than Christmas" and "Why don't they just make NLI Signing Day a National Holiday, so I don't have to use a vacation day?"

Prior to the Internet, college football fans relied on their local newspapers, radio, and television stations for all their recruiting news. After the Internet became a popular source of information, ambitious fans could scour the online newspapers and sports websites to accumulate their own lists of recruits. Over the last few years, recruiting websites have evolved and have become so popular, that all Division 1 schools have sports fan websites that have very detailed recruiting information including lists of verbal commitments. The diehard fan prints off his own list of verbal commitments to compare with the actual press releases from his school at the NLI Day press conferences and fan events. 

Watch the visitor counts rise on the recruiting sports forums on NLI day. All die-hard college football fans want to know which players committed to their school and which local high school stars went to other schools. There are very sophisticated rating systems that rank each school in their own conferences and on a national basis. Five Star recruits and One Star recruits show up on the commit lists. Who will be the next major football star at your school? It gives all the fans a lot to talk about for the following weeks until football season actually begins again. 

History of the NLI Day Events for Boise State Football

The first Boise State Broncos Football NLI Event was started by KTIK's Jeff Caves in 1998. The following is brief history of the KTIK NLI Event Broadcast from a Jeff Caves Blog: 

Link to Jeff’s Blog

As you can see from Jeff’s Blog, the original KTIK NLI show was started with a lot of help from the current BroncoCountry.com Administration team and many of the current BroncoCountry.com posters.

Boise State started their first official NLI Event in 2009 with Bob Behler of KIDO hosting the show at the Stueckle Sky Center on the BSU Campus.  This event cost $30 per person and was held after the KTIK NLI show that ran in the afternoon.  KIDO had the Boise State Radio broadcast contract for two years.  Since KIDO and KTIK were owned by different companies, KTIK lost its access to the Bronco Football coaches, but carried on with new recruit interviews and film on each recruit for those in attendance at Buffalo Wild Wings in Meridian.  After two years the BSU Broadcast returned to KBOI radio which was owned by the same company as KTIK. The KTIK NLI show once again had access to the Boise State Coaches usually with one or more of the coaches appearing live at the show.  Over the next few years, the "free" KTIK NLI show was held in the afternoons, with the KBOI show held in the evenings.  A few years ago, the KBOI show moved off campus to Big Al's in Meridian and the KTIK show moved to Mickey Rays.

Over the years, BroncoCountry.com, Boise State's scout.com recruiting website has become the leading source of recruiting information for both Bronco football and Bronco basketball.  In the early days fans brought their laptop's to the KTIK NLI shows, so they could access BroncoCountry.com to track the recruits as they officially committed to play football for Boise State.  Fans with the laptops had to sit near the electrical outlets for the laptops.  Now days the fans just used their tablets or smart phones to access the recruiting sites on NLI Day.

This photo from a few years ago shows BroncoCountry members with their laptops.

The 2017 Planned NLI Events

There will be a Head Coach Bryan Harsin Press Conference at 1:00 PM.  Coach Harsin will announce a list of recruits that have sent their NLI faxes to the coaching offices.  This press conference will be broadcast live by KBOI 670 AM, KTIK 1350 AM and KTIK 93.1 FM.  Those attending the press conference will receive a copy of the official list.

Bronco fans have the choice of two NLI Shows in Boise.  Many Bronco fans attend both events. The official Boise State sponsored show is held at Big Al’s in Meridian and will feature all the Boise State Football Coaches talking about their recruits while showing video highlights of each player.  This show cost $20 per person and has limited seating.  Access to this event is allocated by a person’s BAA priority points.

The 2017 edition of the KTIK show will be the 20th anniversary of the KTIK NLI Signing Day show. This Show will take place at Dave & Busters near the Boise Town Square.  Jeff Caves, the founder of the show will continue his hosting duties along with Statesman's Sports Editor, Mike Prater. The show will run from 1:00 to 6:00 and be broadcast live on KTIK 1350AM (93.1 FM).  Those that attend the show will get to see Video Highlights of each player and receive copy of the official recruit list.

I have attended every KTIK NLI Show since the first one.  I have met many Bronco fans there over the years and many remain close friends.  I met Rafter, Rocketman, Old Bronco, BSU81, BSYou, Bluka, BoiseStFan, Wrangler, BroncoBooger and many others, too many to name, at the KTIK NLI shows. Bronco fans always have a great time at these shows and it is fun to renew old acquaintances every year.  Did I mention prizes?  I have several shirts and my Bronco muffler that I won at the KTIK NLI Show over the years.  It is always fun to meet BroncoCountry posters for the first time.  So try to sneak away from work on Wednesday, February 1st for a fun celebration and party with other True Blue Bronco fans.  Meet many of those other BroncoCountry.com posters in person.

 The KTIK NLI Signing Day Show remains free for all Bronco fans.

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