Track meet breaks out in Ruston

Bronco fans tuned into BTV early Saturday afternoon to watch a football game... little did they know that the Broncos and Bulldogs would be wearing track spikes instead of football cleats!<br><br>Boise State had never beaten Louisiana Tech in Ruston. That all changed today, but it took a record setting performance by 2 of the team's 3 Senior Captains and a last second sack/forced fumble before the ending was secure.

It may appear that the Broncos rode the strong arm of Ryan Dinwiddie, the receiving of Tim Gilligan... but this game was a complete victory on the part of the Bronco team.

The first half was rough, but still the Broncos were only down by a TD, and on the 3 yard line with seconds to go, but Donny Heck fumbled on his way into the endzone and LaTech fell on it and went into halftime with a 7 point lead.

Head Coach Dan Hawkins said that he told the team at halftime that the second half would determine how the remainder of the season would go. The Broncos responded with a 24 point 3rd quarter that saw them go from down 16-23 to leading 40-30.

However, the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs have never been a team to make anything easy for the Broncos, and they came back from 13 down to make it a close 6 point game at 43-37 with just over 3 minutes left.

After Tech kicked off, the Broncos got 1 first down but failed to make a 2nd and punted. Tech took over with just under 30 seconds left, but a somewhat bad decision on a punt return that ended up netting around 15 yards but took 13 seconds off the clock, left Luke McCown with 16 seconds left. After 1 pass that went incomplete, McCown was rolled to his right and was pressured heavily by Julian Roberts, (who is quickly becoming a force for the Broncos on the Dline), and to avoid the sack he underhanded it, which resulted in a fumble that was covered by Andy Avalos... and the Broncos had preserved their first win in Ruston, Louisiana.

Ryan Dinwiddie set school records with a line that read 40/60 passing, with 3TD's, 532 passing yards & 542 total yards, all with no INT's! Tim Gilligan ended up with a new school record 16 receptions for 257 total yards.

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