The Legend of Coach Bleu...

Every Bronco fan has heard tell of all of the inexplicable things that have occurred on the Blue, but nobody ever knew how those things occurred, well we here at BroncoCountry have unearthed the truth behind the myth!<br><br> Birthed from the original dust stirred up when the ground for Bronco Stadium was broken, & given life from the blood & sweat that have hit that field over the years, no Bronco fan has seen more or done more for the Broncos than the true culprit, the Spirit of Coach Bleu.

Coach Bleu has dwelled in Bronco Stadium for years, and seen hundreds of half-time speeches, and has done all he could to help his beloved Broncos when he could.  And, while the Blue Turf gets the credit, very few realize is that it is Coach Bleu.  The first time he was spotted was against Weber State.. their big TE was all alone running 20 yards ahead of the nearest Bronco... when suddenly he tripped as the Blue reached up and grabbed him... the Bronco defense, given the chance to regroup, was able to hold Weber scoreless on that drive.  Upon watching a replay of that game, a flicker was seen, a flicker that, once slowed down, clearly showed a man in a Bronco letterman jacket driving the TE into the turf in perfect form for the tackle.

After searching long and hard for a way to communicate with Coach Bleu.. a séance was held on the 50 yard-line and a Vandal doll was sacrificed in effigy.  Coach Bleu appeared, and agreed to come forward each week of the football season and share his thoughts about the upcoming game with Bronco fans around the world.  This is his first installment..... 

The WAC Season continues for the Broncos with the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes.  Tulsa, who has never challenged for the WAC title in the 2 years since the Broncos joined the WAC, have suddenly become a force in the WAC race after knocking off Pre-Season favorite Hawaii last week. What must the Broncos do to weather the storm??
Teams: Boise State  (Broncos) Tulsa  (Golden Hurricanes)
Records: 4-1 3-2
Wins of note: Louisiana Tech, Wyoming Arkansas State, Hawaii

Coach Bleu's 5 Keys to a Bronco Win:

  1. DMike must have a big day.
    -- Last year DMike ran for over 100 yards on just 13 carries.  The Broncos need a similar showing tomorrow from the tandem of DMike and Donny Heck.  The Bronco's rushing offense has been slowed by Oregon State, Wyoming, and LaTech.  DMike and Donny need a breakout game against Tulsa.
  2. Contain Kilian.
    -- Tulsa ranks only behind Rice in the WAC in Rush Offense, averaging 216 ypg through 5 games.  The Broncos must slow down the Hurricane RB's, but more importantly must always account for Tulsa's do everything QB James Kilian, who leads their team in passing, rushing, and last week.. receiving!  Overall Tulsa ranks 3 people in the Top 10 in rushing in the WAC.
  3. No More Fumblitis.
    -- Much has been made of the Broncos fumblitis near the endzone.. the Broncos have fumbled 3 times inside the 5, losing 2.  If the Broncos are to win, they cannot return to the dropsy zone.  RD has been nearly flawless in passing, with a TD to turnover ratio of 9-1.
  4. Pass Rush
     -- Kilian has only been sacked twice in 5 games, the least amount of any QB in the WAC.  That includes games against Arkansas and Minnesota.  The Broncos have had problems getting pressure on the QB in most of their games, they need to find a way to get at Kilian.  Of course, once they get there.. see #2. 
  5. Pass Protection
    -- Where Kilian has only been sacked twice, RD has gone down a league leading 11 times.  The Broncos Oline has taken a hit as of late with an injury to Michael Ansel, but he could be back this week.. but has improved overall as the Broncos kept LaTech from getting any sacks.  Protection for RD needs to stay on this trend if the Broncos want to keep the ball rolling Offensively. 
Coach Bleu's Player Picks:  * watch for these players on Saturday
* Ryan Dinwiddie (Licking his chops after last week)
* David Mikell (Waiting for this game since the Idaho game)
* Lawrence Bady (Out to prove Gilligan isn't the only option)
* Andy Avalos (Korey Hall almost gets the nod, but AA's experience and speed make him the defensive stopper to watch)
* Gabe Franklin (Could get multiple picks as Tulsa falls behind and has to throw to catch up.)
* Derek Schouman (Too good to be a True Freshman, this kid makes the ole Coach smile!)

Thanks go out to Miss Cleo for her help in contacting the Coach! 

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