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First domino falls in Conference shuffle..

ACC invites Boston College to join.<br><br>The presidents and chancellors of the Atlantic Coast Conference's current member schools voted this morning (10/12/03) to invite Boston College to become the conference's 12th school. N.C. State chancellor Marye Anne Fox released a statement before 11am announcing the outcome of the vote.<br><br><i>"Now that the vote has been taken, we look forward to strong academic partnerships and collaborations, should Boston College accept."</i>

Will Boston College accept the ACC invitation? In a word.. YES!! Eagerly, Emphatically, Immediately, and Thankfully. They will attempt to appear torn between staying and leaving, but come on, get real... behind the scenes, BC Officials are doing the happy dance that Virginia Tech Officials still haven't stopped doing.

With the ACC taking another Big East team.. speculation has been that the Big East will strike quickly, taking 4 teams from Conference USA, (Anonymous Big East Officials have named those teams as Cincinnati and Louisville in all sports, and Marquette and DePaul in Basketball.)

Hold on now.. CUSA has a plan should that happen... they have made no secret that they will offer current WAC members SMU, Tulsa, and Rice full membership in CUSA.

The WAC however, has also made it clear that they will seek to do the same to CUSA, making public statements of interest in current CUSA teams TCU, (a former WAC member), and Southern Miss.

Not to be outdone in all this, there are rumors that the Mountain West Conference has more than a passing interest in TCU as well.

No matter what happens for the 3 Conferences, TCU seems to be the catalyst... and they are holding their cards pretty tightly.

Possibly the most interesting aspect of the conference game of Red-Rover is the time aspect. Everybody wants to get their teams as soon as possible, before they're gone... making for a very interesting next 6 weeks.

The current flow of internet information seems to indicate the following:

1. Boston College will joyfully join the ACC.

2. The Big East will indeed offer the 4 CUSA teams. They will all accept

3. SMU, Tulsa, and Rice will bolt from the WAC the minute an offer comes.. IF TCU commits to them that they will stay.

4. TCU will probably stay in CUSA even if the MWC offers, because of regional rivalries with SMU, Houston, Rice, and an upsurgent Tulsa.

5. The MWC will most likely be left looking to the WAC to expand by either 1, 2, or 4.

6. The most likely scenario has the MWC taking either 1 or 2 teams right now.

7. The MWC will choose between Hawaii, Fresno State, Nevada, and Boise State, with no discernable front-runner.

8. The WAC will be forced to look at Western Sun Belt Conference teams to expand, with the most likely teams being Utah State, New Mexico State, Idaho, and possibly North Texas.

9. Idaho and Utah State would join the WAC instantly if offered, but North Texas and New Mexico State's interests are unknown.

10. Anything could happen, and to add to the confusion, it should happen within the next 6 weeks.

Any Questions?

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