A Spartan state of mind...

San Jose State limps into Bronco Stadium this weekend... with a vendetta against the Broncos. Boise State has domianted the Spartans since joining the WAC, winning by a combined total of 101 - 14. SJSU wants to make a statement for the year, and they can do it by taking one on the Blue, something no WAC team has been able to do.

Boise State faces the Spartans this weekend.  The last time the Spartans played in Boise, they mailed it in.. their players even they admitted as much to the media.  It was cold, they were being beat, and they folded like a cheap suit.  But this team is different than that one.  The Spartans are coached by Fitz Hill, and he has instilled a much tougher mentality.  The Broncos must show up to play smash-mouth football if they want that 'W'.  Course, there is no home field advantage like playin on the Blue!!
Teams: Boise State  (Broncos) San Jose State (Spartans)
Records: 5-1 (2-0 WAC) 2-4 (1-2 WAC)
Wins of note: Louisiana Tech, Wyoming, Tulsa SMU... Grambling.. 

Coach Bleu's 5 Keys to a Bronco Win:

  1. DMike runs wild..
    -- Last weekend, RD was phenomenal, but DMike was contained.  The week before it was reversed.  Guess it's DMike's turn.  SJSU allowed Rice to rush for nearly 300 yards this season, Nevada ran for 272 yards, and gave up 156 to Nevada's Chance Kretschmer...but at other times they've looked good.  SJSU held SMU to only 69 yards rushing by stacking the box.  DMike will has his chances, but we need him to cash in on them.
  2. Rattle Rislov.
    -- SJSU's QB, Scott Rislov has thrown a lot this year... 66 attempts against Stanford.  But in all that throwing, he has thrown for only 6 TD's and 4 INT's this season, with a QB rating of 112.5.  Not exactly RD's 154 rating, but not the 86 like Bartel from SMU.  Rislov threw 14 picks last year, but he also was sacked 26 times... so when he gets pressure he throws picks.  
  3. Protect the ball...
    -- SJSU's Gerald Jones leads the WAC with 5 INT's, (with 2 returned to TD's).  SJSU as a team has recovered 5 fumbles as well.  The Broncos must protect the ball.  
  4. Win the Special Teams clash.. again 
     -- SMU was #1 in the Nation in Kickoff returns.. but the Broncos ate them up thanks to speedy coverage and the big leg of Tyler Jones.  SJSU has had success as well, returning a KO for a TD against Nevada. The Broncos need to dominate special teams play once again if they hope to win.
  5. Big Play Offense.
    -- The past couple of weeks the Broncos have been either feast or famine with the deep ball.  They need to keep the SMU game trend going when SJSU visits the blue.  
Coach Bleu's Player Picks:  * watch for these players on Saturday
* Ryan Dinwiddie (Who would pick against the 3 time WAC OPOTW)
* David Mikell (With teams focusing on lethal Bronco passing attack, DMike should run, run, run...)
* Wes Nurse (Nurse has been all over the field lately)
* Trent Lundin & Derek Schouman (The WR's have suddenly arrived in a big way, leaving these 2 TE's some room to run)
* Paul Allen (Has quietly been the most steady performer on the DLine.)
* Tim Gilligan (3 WR's went for over 100 yards last week, but TG caught 2 TD's.. Mr. Clutch will get more this weekend!)

Thanks go out to Miss Cleo for her help in contacting the Coach!

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