Here Kitty Kitty Kitty....

It's almost Halloween.. so in keeping with the theme of the season.. here is our very own resident Ghost's picks for how the Broncos will scare up a win in Provo!<br><br> <i>Caution.. not for the feint of heart.</i>

It's the Coach's favorite time of year...
Happy Halloween Everybody..

Boise State heads into uncharted territory this Thursday when it faces the Cougars of Brigham Young University.  The Broncos are favored in Provo, but once teams get on the field that won't matter.  Will the Broncos be able to take the momentum of the SJSU debacle into LaVell Edwards Stadium?  That's the question!  
Well for the Day before Halloween.. here are some spooky answers.
Teams: Boise State  (Broncos) BYU (Cougars)
Records: 7-1 (4-0 WAC) 4-5 (3-3 Mtn West)
Wins of note: Louisiana Tech, Tulsa Georgia Tech, New Mexico, UNLV.

Coach Bleu's 5 Keys to a MONSTROUS Bronco Win:

  1. Scare the Cougar DB's to DEATH... (Mwuhahaha!)
    -- Last weekend, RD was phenomenal.  Rarely has a QB been on such a tear as he currently is.  His QB rating has steadily climbed each game this year to where he is now the #9 ranked QB in the NCAA's with a rating of 161.1.  He has 2 500 yard games thus far this season, and his TD to INT ratio is at an astronomical 18-1, and that 1 INT. was off a deflected pass.  He is so in synch with his WR's & TE's.. it's almost psychic.  (Fitting with the Halloween theme) 
  2. Make Brathwaite's Nightmares reality...
    -- Reynaldo Brathwaite (5'10 170lbs) has rushed for 735 yards so far this season, not bad for somebody that was supposed to be a backup.  Brathwaite got his chance when projected starter Marcus Whalen couldn't come back from injury in the same form he was in last season.  Whalen has only 29 rushes this season, compared to Brathwaite's 131.  Brathwaite averages 5.6 ypc, yet only  has 1 rushing  TD on the season, (that coming on a 95 yard run against SDSU). The Broncos need to Bottle Brathwaite to keep him from hurting us. The hurting should come from Korey Hall and Andy Avalos, who should have Brathwaite hoping it's all just a dream.
  3. Frighten them into fumbling... 
    (see... a scary horse picture)

    -- Wyoming beat BYU a couple weeks ago by capitalizing on turnovers.  BYU's defense effectively shut down the Cowboys, but the Cougar Offense made up for it by throwing 2 INT's and fumbling twice.  Wyoming's lone TD came off a return of one of those INT's.  Boise State cashed in on a turnover last week, and will need to take advantage if the opportunity presents itself again.  Hopefully this picture will help.  :) 

  4. Monster-Mash Berry... 
     -- Matt Berry is #4 in the MWC in QB effeciency, with a 125.53 rating.  He was injured earlier in the Season and is just hitting his stride since returning.  Berry is a Big QB, 6'5 220lbs, who reminds this old spook of Oregon State's Derek Anderson.  DA scorched the Bronco secondary.  BYU may not have a James Newson, but they do have a commitee of WR's much like the Broncos.  The Broncos have been getting better at getting pressure on opposing QB's, but they will really have to pick it up this week.

  5. Remember to set the VCR...
    -- The Broncos have never lost on National TV.. they need to keep that trend going, especially given that this game is not only the only game on TV.. but the Broncos will have the ESPN 'A' crew.

Coach Bleu's Player Picks:  * watch for these players on Saturday
* Ryan Dinwiddie (In a word.. UNSTOPPABLE!)
* Lawrence Bady (Lawrence, who leads the NCAA in yards per catch, has become THE big play man for the Broncos)
* Wes Nurse (Defensive QB will have his hands full on Sat.)
* Trend Lundin & Dreek Schouman (How many schools use their TE's like WR's?)
* Korey Hall (Must contain the Cougar's running game.. that's the MLB's job.)
* Gabe Franklin, Julius Brown, & Cam Hall (Broncos win or lose on the coverage these guys provide, they won't dissappoint.)

Thanks go out to Miss Cleo for her help in contacting the Coach!

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