Bye-week boredom...

It's bye week. So what does the average Bronco fan do with himself with no game to look forward to? Here are a few suggestions to occupy your time with the void of Bronco football.

What/When Why Excitement Factor, (Up to 5 )
1 Saturday 5:05pm mst
Fresno State / Nevada game on ESPN Game Plan. ($14.95 per weekend)
Both teams are still in the WAC bowl picture, and both are still upcoming on the Bronco's schedule.  This is a good replacement for Bronco fans this weekend since there's no emotional attachment to either team so a loss of who you root for has no sting.  On one side, is former Idaho Coach Chris Tormey and the Nevada Wolf Pack, on the other side is Fresno State... is there a better match-up for Bronco fans?  Either Tormey loses, or Fresno loses.. either way it's almost as good as a Bronco win!    
2 Saturday 2pm
Boise State Women's Basketball team vs. the Albertson College Coyotes.
It's the Broncos.  If you have to ask why then you shouldn't even be reading this article!!  The women's team is making strides right along with the men's team.  Albertson College would LOVE a win over the Broncos, be it men's or women's sports.  The local angle is enough to raise interest, but if you still aren't impressed, just remember that Coach Hawk's niece, Jamie Hawkins, leads the Lady Broncos!!  Plus, you can go to their game at 2.. and make it back in time to watch the Nevada, Fresno game.  The perfect bye-week combination!  
3. Saturday 5:05pm mst
San Jose State / UTEP game on ESPN Game Plan
If watching the Fresno/Nevada game isn't your bag.. you can watch the Bronco's next opponent UTEP on ESPN Gameplan as well.  Or, you could do the same thing as I'll likely do, flip back and forth for a few hours on Saturday to watch both games.  
4. Sunday 2pm
Boise State Women's Volleyball team vs. the University of Wyoming Cowgirls
The Broncos haven't had their best season, but they are almost done, having only 3 more regular season matches.  They are young, (7 of the 13 members are FR or Soph.) and improving.  The volleyball team doesn't get near the support they deserve, and they need all the support they can get.   
5. See a movie 1:  Matrix Reloaded
Opens this weekend
It's the last of the trilogy, which is either a good thing or a sad thing.. depending on your opinion of Keanu Reeve's "Excellent"acting ability.  "Woah, no way".  Click here for locations and times of the show.  
6. See a movie 2:  Elf
Opens this weekend
Scary Movie III may be the #1 comedy, but Will Ferrell is the King of comedy.  After having carried SNL for the past few years, Ferrell is finally starring in his first movie, and despite the somewhat questionable topic, (Santa doesn't notice a BABY crawling into in his sack??), critics are nearly unanimous in their praise of Ferrell.  For my money, the Matrix movies are old and tired... put me down for the 6'2 Elf.  
7. Check the Polls early Sunday Morning There are a number of games with top 25 ranking implications this weekend.  There are too many to list, but a few of them are: (#15 Michigan St. vs. #6 Ohio State), (#16 Nebraska vs. Kansas), (#Tennessee vs. #7 Miami), (#18 Minnesota vs. Wisconsin), (#19 Florida vs. Vanderbilt), (#21 Pittsburgh vs. #5 VaTech), (#22 Oklahoma State vs. #11 Texas), (#23 Northern IL vs. Buffalo), (#24 Mississippi vs. Auburn) and with #20 Bowling Green & #25 already having lost.. the Broncos *could* move into the top 25.  Not much suspense or excitement, but there is a certain level of curiosity.  
8. Read a book. There are still copies of Pokey's book, Pokey: The good fight at the Boise State Bookstore.  This is a book that every hardcore Bronco fan should own, and every true Bronco fan should read.  God bless you Pokey, you are still missed!  
(3 for Pokey, not reading)
9. Surf the web There is still, somewhere on the web, untapped rumor, inuendo, and speculation about the MWC expansion.  YOU could be the first person to post it.. whooopeeee dee-doo!  .....
10. Take a nap Absolutely no excitement, but with the stretch run of the WAC coming up, you could probably use it.  And besides, when was the last time you treated yourself to a well-earned nap? .......

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