Can the Broncos beat UTEP?... U-BET!!

The newly ranked #23 Boise State Broncos look to show off for the local fans by beating up on the UTEP Miners. The odds-makers seem to think that this game is an afterthought, making the Broncos 41 point favorites... 41 points.. that's nearly 6 TD's.<br><br> Are the Broncos really that good?

The #23 ranked Boise State Broncos welcome the UTEP Miners to the Blue this Saturday.  UTEP lost big... REALLY BIG.. to San Jose State this past weekend.  They gave up Career numbers to SJSU QB Scott Rislov.  This is the same SJSU team that the Broncos scored their highest amount EVER on.... all of this points to a blow out on the Blue.  Even more so if you look at the scores of common opponents, (SJSU beat UTEP 69-41, Boise State beat SJSU 77-14).  Does all that equal blowout??   
In a word.. YES!  
I may be just a specter, but on after kickoff on Saturday I'll have more life than Miners, .
Teams: Boise State  (Broncos) UTEP (Miners)
Records: 8-1 (4-0 WAC) 2-8 (1-4 WAC)
Wins of note: Louisiana Tech, Tulsa, BYU SMU

Coach Bleu's 5 Keys to a Bronco Win:

  1. Show up
    -- UTEP is a young team.  They have improved over last season, but still appear to be light-years away from being even a mediocre WAC team.  Head Coach Gary Nord is on the hotseat in El Paso, and the kindest thing the Broncos can likely do for  Miner fans might be to put him out of his misery.  The Broncos win this one.. BIG.. as long as they remember to show up.  Somebody set the alarm clock!
  2. Corral Howard Jackson
    -- UTEP RB Howard Jackson is averaging an amazing 6.4 ypc this season.  What is even more amazing about that is that Jackson weighs about 'a buck twenty'.  Jackson's stats say he's 5'10 160lbs, but he looks like he's about 140lbs.  He is fast, but so skinny that it won't take much to bring him down.  Last year, a big hit from Andy Avalos sent him from the game.  This year Korey Hall has joined Avalos in the big hitting department, and both will keyed on Jackson.  
  3. Control the Miner's QB Carousel... 
    -- The UTEP offense seems to have a split personality problem.  The Miners have played 2 QB's an almost equal amount of time.  Orlando Cruz and Jordan Palmer are both, (oddly enough), completing passes at an average of 49.7%.  Palmer (Who wanted to be a Bronco, but was beat out by Jared Zabransky) has been called the future of UTEP, but he has a TD-to-INT ratio of 6-11.  Good for only a 98.5 QB rating.  Cruz has less INT's, but also less TD's, with a ratio of 5-9, good for a rating of 105.6.  That is a combination of 11 TD's and 20 INT's.  By comparison, RD has a ratio of 20-2, good for a rating of 160.7.  In fact, every Bronco who has completed a pass this year has a highter rating than the UTEP QB's, and that includes WR TJ Acree.

  4. Interception City 
     -- UTEP's QB problems, (See #3 above), will lend themselves to opportunities for our DB's.  Against BYU, our defensive backfield played like world-beaters.  They should be able to play up tight and gamble all game long on Saturday, which will result in ample opportunities.  We need to take advantage of those opportunities.

  5. Control the clock
    -- The Broncos will have success against UTEP in all phases of the game, but the area that may need the most work as we head into the final WAC sprint is the running game.  The Broncos need to use this game as a scrimmage to work out all the kinks for DMike and Donny.  Look for both to be at or near 100 yards for the game as the Broncos try to milk the clock once the lead is insurmountable, (which in reality should happen before halftime).

Coach Bleu's Player Picks:  * watch for these players on Saturday
* Ryan Dinwiddie (It has become a given every week that RD will dominate!)
* David Mikell (DMike will get his chance to run at will on the UTEP defense.)
* Wes Nurse (Against BYU he had a INT for a TD.. can he make it 2 in a row?)
* Jared Zabransky (How often do you see the backup QB listed as a player to watch? That's how lopsided this game will be!)
* Jeff Carpenter & Lee Marks (Same thing as above, only with RB's, DMike & Donny will get their yards and then we'll see Marks and Carpenter, biggest question on Saturday might be, "Who will be the leading rusher?".)
* Kevin Louwsma (Fan and Coach favorite is a SR and doesn't have a TD... if he's going to score as a Bronco, this might be THE game.)

Thanks go out to Miss Cleo for her help in contacting the Coach!

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