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The Broncos and Wolf Pack renew their rivalry this weekend. The first game between the 2 schools was back in 1971 when the Broncos beat the Pack 10-7.<br><br>The Pack and Broncos have played in the Big Sky, the Big West, and now in the WAC. There have been a number of exciting games, and blowouts on both sides. But as of late, the Broncos have owned the Pack. Will the dominance continue, or can the Pack, led by Jorge Cordova and Chance Kretschmer strike back?

The #18 ranked Boise State Broncos welcome the Wolf Pack from Nevada to the Blue this Saturday.  The Pack bring one of the WAC's best running attacks, coupled with one of the premier defenses in the WAC.

Each Wolf Pack unit is led by 2 of the best individual players in the WAC, Chance Kretschmer, a 6'1 230lb RB, and Jorge Cordova, a 6'2 255lb DE.

Both players have the potential to impact the outcome of a game.. but the Broncos will counter with 2 squads who execute to perfection.  In the end, the Broncos will win, but make no mistake, this Wolf Pack squad is not the patsy they've been in recent years.

Teams: Boise State  (Broncos) Nevada  (Wolf Pack)
Records: 10-1 (6-0 WAC) 6-5 (4-3 WAC)
Wins of note: Fresno State, Tulsa, BYU Univ. of Washington, Hawaii

Coach Bleu's 5 Keys to a Bronco Win:

  1. Take a Chance.. 
    -- Nevada's RB, Chance Kretschmer, has been a large reason for their success this season.  The Broncos have faced Chance on the Blue once already in his career, as a Freshman back in 2001.  Chance came in leading the NCAA in rushing.  He left with 81 yards on 26 rushes, his worst effort of the season.  The Broncos will need a similar performance against the Wolf Pack this Saturday if they want to take this Chance.. out of the game.
  2. 'By George'
    -- The Broncos will need to find a way to get the ball by Jorge (pronounced George) this weekend.  Jorge Cordova single handedly destroyed Washington earlier this season, going for an astounding 16 tackles and 4.5 sacks in that game alone.  He was the Pre-Season WAC Defensive Player of the Year, and has done nothing to lose that standing as he leads the WAC with 11.5 sacks.  Jorge Cordova is a great player, but the entire Wolf Puppy defense is also good.  The Broncos need to slow down their QB rush if they want to shine on Saturday.  The OLine has really gelled from their play earlier this year and have given up only a couple sacks over the past few games.  The Broncos must account for Cordova each play, or else he could end up having another monster day.
  3. "Prove It!"
    -- The motto of the Broncos this season is to Prove that last year wasn't a fluke.  They can do that this weekend with a win over the Wolf Pack.  Win and they've won the WAC 2 years in a row and could move into the top 15 once again. 

  4. Air it out
     -- RD and the receiving corps have been clicking big time this year.  They will need to do more of the same this weekend if they want to keep the hounds at bay.  Jerry Smith is still nursing an injured knee, but Lawrence Bady, TJ Acree, and of course Tim Gilligan have shown that they can hold down the fort.  RD should be able to move the ball on the Pack defense.

  5. Cap Andy
    -- Quick... name Nevada's QB.  Couldn't do it could you.  Well there's a good reason for that.  Andy Heiser isn't exactly a known name unless you're from Reno.. or Seattle.  Heiser is exactly the kind of QB you want with a RB like Kretschmer... he is good enough to make the defense honest, and he won't often lose the game for you.  He averages just uner 200 yards passing per game.. in comparison to RD's 302 yards that's pretty average, but he isn't supposed to do much more than hand off the ball in the Nevada offense.  When Heiser does throw, he spreads the ball around pretty evenly, he has 13 TD's with 9 INT's.  He has no apparrent favorite receiver, with the leaders bunched around 30 receptions on the year.  When Nevada upset UW earlier this season, Heiser was on target, (and good thing he was since Chance only got 4 carries after an injury), and he shredded UW's defense.  On the season his QB rating is a respectable 121.15.   

Coach Bleu's Player Picks:  * watch for these players on Saturday
* Ryan Dinwiddie (How do you pick against RD with the season he's had?  The only surprise is that some folks outside the WAC are just now starting to take notice of this phenom!!)
* Korey Hall & Andy Avalos  (The Bronco Bash Brothers... these heavy hitters will get lots of chances to impress the Bronco crowd with big hits on Chance.  It's smashmouth football at its greatest!!)
* Lawrence Bady (The injury to Jerry Smith has brought TJ Acree and Bady more into the spotlight, and with the usually sure-handed Acree dropping a couple passes the past couple weeks, Bady could see the field even more against the Pack.)
* Tim Gilligan (Has the receiving record in only 11 games, now he can get back to focusing on Punt Returns.. watch for a PR-TD this weekend as he faces the In-State team that didn't think he was worth recruiting... BIG MISTAKE!!!)
* Donny Heck (With David Mikell seeing double after a concussion, and a Fresno defense that had stuffed the run most of the game, Donny came in and was effective immediately.  DMike should get the start against the Wolf Pack, but if he isn't immediately effective, look for Donny to get a chance to prove Fresno's success wasn't a fluke.)
* Chris Carr  (Carr was explosive in the preseason practices, and has had flashes of brilliance, but his year hasn't been the dominant breakout season folks expected from Carr.  That changes this weekend as Carr faces the Nevada team he grew up in the shadow of.  Unlike Gilligan, he chose the Broncos instead of the Wolf Pack after heavy recruitment by both... look for Chris to remind the Wolf Pack why they wanted him so badly... a KR of 60+ yards wouldn't be out of line for this former Nevada Offensive Player of the Year either.)

Thanks go out to Miss Cleo for her help in contacting the Coach!


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