Gilligan's Island

The Broncos face the Warriors this weekend.. but the question that must be answered is, which Warrior team will we see?<br> The prolific passing team led by gunslinger Timmy 'Heisman' Chang, or the scrambling, run capable Warriors led by former backup, now starter (?) Jason Wieldon??<br><br> Truth is, it doesn't matter... cause in the end it's still gonna be Gilligan's (and the rest of the Bronco's) Island!

Boise State and Hawaii meet in front of a National Audience on ESPN2 this Saturday.  The Broncos are looking to put a cap on their 2nd straight unbeaten WAC season, while Hawaii is playing the role of the Spoiler.  There is really nothing up for grabs in this game, the Broncos clinched their 2nd straight WAC Championship with last weeks pummeling of Nevada... and Hawaii has already accepted a bid to play in their hometown Hawaii Bowl.  

So... this game doesn't really matter.. right?   


Hawaii was humbled last year on the blue, and would like nothing more than to  put a dampener on the Broncos second dream season.  Ask any Hawaii fan... they respect the Broncos, but they do not fear them.  THEY were the pre-season media darlings.  THEY were picked by both the Media and the Coaches to win the WAC.  Yes, they've faltered at Tulsa and Nevada, but last week they flexed their muscle, humbling Alabama on the Island.  Hawaii may lose focus on the mainland, but at home they play tough... almost as tough as the Broncos on the Blue.  This game may not be the toughest matchup the Broncos have had this season, but it will be close.

Teams: Boise State  (Broncos) Hawaii  (Warriors)
Records: 11-1 (7-0 WAC) 8-4 (5-2 WAC)
Wins of note: Fresno State, Tulsa, BYU Fresno State, Alabama, Louisiana Tech

Coach Bleu's 5 Keys to a Bronco Win:

  1. No Passing Zone.. 
    -- Hawaii leads the WAC in passing offense, and has 6 players with 30 or more catches on the year.  By comparison, Boise State has only 2. (TG and TJ Acree)  Hawaii throws the ball like it's going out of style, and they spread it around.  Boise State must cover not 2 or 3 WR's, but sometimes 4, and a RB out of the backfield.  Of course, all that throwing does not come without a price.  Hawaii averages a WAC worst 102.9 yards a game on the ground.  Boise State will counter with their Nickel and Dime sets.  To win, the Broncos must respect the rush, while focusing on the pass.
  2. Surf the Waves..
    -- Hawaii leads the WAC with 41 QB sacks on the season.  (By comparison, the Broncos have 28.)  If the Bronco Machine expects to get rolling on the islands, the OLine MUST give RD some time to find his receivers.  At BYU they faced a very talented D and withstood.  Hawaii, however, is just as big, but faster.  Travis Laboy leads the WAC in sacks, and will lead a Warrior D that will come at RD in waves on Saturday, the Broncos must ride those waves or else we could wipe out.  The Bronco OLine has given up just 18 sacks in 12 games.  This will be the matchup that decides the game.  Games are won in the trenches.
  3. "Prove It!"
    -- Last week, Prove it meant winning the WAC.  This week, it means sending a message to the WAC that the Broncos are unstoppable.  A win at Hawaii means that the Broncos will have gone 15-0 against the WAC in the past 2 seasons, and have won 17 WAC games in a row.  Hawk preaches to the team about finishing... this is their chance to show it.

  4. Take the scenic route
     -- The Broncos are known for their quick strike offense, but even with that capability, average 30:14 of ball possession each game.  Hawaii averages less than 29 minutes... 2nd lowest in the WAC.  One way to keep the Warriors from outscoring the Broncos is to keep their O on the sidelines.  The Broncos need to dominate the running game, not too lofty a goal when the Warriors give up an average of 161 yards a game.. nearly double what the Broncos surrender.  Long sustained drives are just what the Broncos need to frustrate the June Jones Fun & Gun offense.

  5. Set the VCR
    -- This is the third time this season we've told you to set the VCR.  Boise State is unbeaten on ESPN or ESPN2.  The Broncos always rise to the challenge when the lights shine brightest.  Saturday will be no different.

Coach Bleu's Player Picks:  * watch for these players on Saturday
* Ryan Dinwiddie (The WAC Offensive Player of the Year shoo-in doesn't want to go out of the WAC without a win on his last game!!)
* Julius Brown & Gabe Franklin (The starting CB's will be tested, retested, and then tested again against Hawaii's pass-happy 'O')
* Lawrence Bady (The focus has been on TG lately, and Hawaii knows it... watch for the speedy Bady to light up the Hawaii secondary that is looking for that 'slow white guy' that tears everybody up.)
* Cam Hall & Brad Allen (The Nickel and dime backs will be counted on heavily against Hawaii.  Allen will be rushing every other play, and Hall will look to pad his INT total.  Look for both to see the field for much of the game.  Only way they don't is if they're replaced by the 2nd team after the Broncos start the blowout!)
* Gerald Alexander (Notice a theme??  The DB's will be counted on BIG TIME this weekend.  Because of Hawaii's speedy WR's, GA will be counted on, in a big way, to spell Brown and Franklin.  He must be up to the challenge.)
* Chris Carr & Wes Nurse (Carr woke up in a BIG way against Nevada, and will have chances this weekend again, and he matches up well with Hawaii's shorter receivers.  Nurse comes to play each weekend... but the Sr. Captain, playing in his final WAC game, will be all over Hawaii's O this weekend.)

Thanks go out to Miss Cleo for her help in contacting the Coach!

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