The Fabulous 40.. errr 43.

Boise State has built the foundation of its incredible run over the past 5 years on quite a bit of local talent. There are 22 Idaho players on the current listed roster for the Broncos. That's nearly 20% of the team.<br><br>With that in mind, we here at BroncoCountry set out to search for the Idaho talent that deserved recognition. Not all of these players will play D1 ball.. but each of them has proven over their HS careers that they deserve a good long look....

Some of the names you'll recognize instantly.  Some you've probably read about in our current database, or heard about on local news.  Some of them you'll just shake your head and go, "How'd they come up with HIM?"  Rest assured.. none of these names was drawn from a hat.. research went into all these recruits, (probably more than shoulda), and they represent some of the best potential in the state.  This list is hardly exhaustive, and if you know of a candidate that you feel is worthy.. PLEASE.. let us know by posting it in the Corral.. so they can be added.

This list started out with roughly 24 names.  It now has over 40, (43 to be exact).. and is most likely lacking quite a few deserving players.

So... with that in mind.. here's the Idaho Fabulous 43.

Name (Commited to) School Position, Stats
Mark Asper Bonneville High School (OL/6'7/285/5.2)
Nate Baird Idaho Falls High School (OL/6'5)
Jacob Bower (BYU) Mountain View High School (QB/6'4/200/4.8)
Jayson Byrd Shelley High School (LB/5'10/215/4.4)
Tim Brady  Bishop Kelly High School (QB-DB/6'2/)
Eric Bullen Bonneville High School (DB/6')
Tim Chima Weiser High School (QB-DB/6')
Jameson Davis (Boise State) Eagle High School  (K/5'11/185) 
Alex Hamell (Washington State) Lake City High School (LB/6'1/200)
Caom Hansen Mountain Home High School (OL-DL 6'3)
Nick Hansen (Probable BB recruit) Pocatello High School (QB/6'4)
Brandon Heintz Highland High School (OL-DL/6'3/250)
Chris Holsclaw Parma High School (DT/6'2/275/5.0)
Jake Hutton Highland High School (LB-S/6'1/175)
Chris Kane Centennial High School (TE/6'3/210)
Kyle Mann Kellogg High School (RB-LB/6')
Luke Martin Twin Falls High School (QB/6'4/200)
Brad Mundt Grangeville High School (RB/5'11/175/4.6)
Ben Munk Idaho Falls High School (WR-DB-K/5'10)
Randy Munns Madison High School (LB/6'/195)
Cole Nelson Highland High School (QB/6'/170)
Hayden Plocher Mountain View High School (RB/5'9/170/4.5)
Isao Puailoa  Sandpoint High School (RB-CB/5'8/180)
Nick Ray  Highland High School  (RB-DB 5'11/158)
Zach Richardson Capital High School (CB/5'11/170)
Carl Roeller Coeur D'Alene High School (DE/6'2/225)
Chris Ruiz Nampa High School  (LB/6'1/225/4.65)
Brent Russum Lewiston High School (OL/6'4/270/4.9)
Nick Schlekeway (Boise State) Eagle High School (DE/6'4/230/4.77)
Emax Shepard Mountain Home High School (RB-LB/5'10/170)
Nick Smith (Wrestling commit, UVA) Centennial High School  (DL/6'3/275lbs)
Shane Spencer Hillcrest High School (LB/5'11/190)
AJ Stone Twin Falls High School  (CB/5'10/170)
Mark Stopczynski Centennial High School (RB/6'1/180/4.5)
Devon Sturdivant Timberline High School (RB/5'11/195/4.43)
Clay Swan  Jerome High School (LB/6'/205)
Drew Tavares Caldwell High School (DL-LB/??)
Zach Thiry Bishop Kelly High School (WR-DB/6'2)
Matt Troxel  (Montana) Lake City High School  (WR/5'9/165/4.5)
Troy Watson Sandpoint High School (DT/5'11/260)
Tanner Webster Madison High School (WR-CB/5'10/150)
Michael Welch Buhl High School (OL-DL-TE/6'5/220)
Nick Wolf Lewiston High School  (LB/6'/200)

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