For immediate release in the greater Boise ID area.

The staff at BigEZ's Free Clinic has been made aware of an annual virus that affects a small, all-be-it growing, percentage of the population of the greater Boise area. This virus goes by the medical name of LOI.  The LOI virus has a short season but can have major impact on the working population.

The LOI virus seems to be at its peak on the first Wednesday of February each year. The virus lasts for about 24 hours at its strongest, although those that fall into the "at risk" category may experience some slight symptoms in the week's prior. It is advised that any individuals having visible symptoms should seek attention at BoB's Free Clinic during the 24 hours the virus is the strongest, which looks to be the calendar date of February 6, 2008.

Those individuals at risk are those who have suffered from Bronc-itis, Bronco Fever, Springball fever, OrigRoughrider Rash, and a slight case of addictive behavior to wear blue and orange on a regular basis.  Those individuals in the high risk category know they are and most likely have already requested time off from work to seek the help they need from B0B's.  It is suggested by the visiting staff at BigEZ's to take a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 12 hours off for this virus to pass.  Please grant all requests to those requesting time off to be seen for LOI.

Visiting staff
Nurse Rocket
Nurse RoughRider
Nurse Bob

Dr. Booger
Dr. Babe
Dr. B4L

Also available: Dr. Boisebro and Dr. Fannn, Group Hug therapy.

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