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<i><p>BroncoCountry brings you the Boise State fan's take on Letter of Intent Day, (LOI), with an updated rendition of BroncoBob's popular LOI Day explanation.</p></i>Diehard College football fans live and die by their favorite college teams' success on the field. They watch their teams play football from late August to Early January and then wait seven long months to do it again. But there are two big events that help them survive the seven non-football months till the new season begins.

One is obviously the Spring Game which marks the end of spring practice and gives the fans a preview of the upcoming starters for the fall season. The other is the National Football Letter of Intent Signing day which falls on the first Wednesday in February.

From Seattle, Washington to Syracuse, New York; From Davis, California to Newark, Delaware; From Salt Lake City, Utah to Olive Branch, Mississippi; college football fans gather to celebrate the signing of their future football gridiron heroes!

The National Letter of Intent Day is the first day that a high school player can accept an athletic scholarship to play for the college or university of his choice. Schools receive the athlete's Letter of Intent by fax during the morning and early afternoon. Once the faxed LOI is received, the school adds the students' name and bio to their press release.

Most schools schedule a Press Conference and Booster party to celebrate, sometimes as a combined event, but often as separate events. Most sports talk radio stations sponsor local booster events in their cities. The most famous event is held in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Fans take the Letter of Intent Day very seriously. Many take a Personal Leave day or even call in sick to attend the events of the day! The comment most heard is "This is better than Christmas" and "Why don't they just make LOI Day a National holiday, so I don't have to use my Vacation/Leave"?????

Before the internet, Fans relied on their local newspaper for all their recruiting news. After the internet became a popular source of information, ambitious fans could scour the online newspapers and accumulate their own lists. Over the last few years, Recruiting websites have evolved and have become so popular, that almost all Division 1A schools have their own sports fan websites that have very detailed recruiting information including a list of verbal commitments. The diehard fan prints off his own list of verbal commitments to compare with the actual press releases from his school at the LOI Day parties.

Boise State fans dominate the KTIK 1350 AM sponsored Letter of Intent Day Signing party formerly at Busters on Broadway, but now located at the Big Easy in Boise (Near 8th Street Marketplace). But the show also has press releases from the University of Idaho, Idaho State and other WAC schools.

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