5 Players Who Will Surprise....

Each year, there are a number of players who have flown under the radar for one reason or antoher.. but who suddenly explode on the scene.<br><br>Last season it was Korey Hall, Tim Gilligan, Cam Hall, and Kyle Stringer.. among others. This season's candidates may be short on name recognition in some cases.. but they're long on talent and will be the deciding factor in whether the Broncos enjoy another season ending with a top 25 ranking.


Now.. before I start, I want to give a little note of explanation on how players were chosen.  There are a number of players who didn't make the list for one reason or another.. it doesn't mean that they aren't worthy.. in fact some of them, (Josh Smith for example), might be just as deserving as everyone on the list.. but in keeping with the "5's" theme, I was forced to pick only those who we know will see the field this fall.  That means new players with a redshirt year available.. (like Marty Tadman and Josh Smith), weren't eligible.  LeBlanc was a toss-up, since he technically is a new player with a RS year available.. but given him being here for Spring Ball, coupled with the losses in our DBackfield.. it's doubtful he can even consider redshirting.  (JMHO)

So.. with the background set.. let see who made the cut.. and more importantly.. why!

  • Legedu Naanee

Legedu, (LA), has been called the most athletic QB to ever play on the Blue Turf.. and anyone familiar with Boise State football would be hard pressed to disagree.  At 6'3, 230lbs, LA is not only bigger than the starting WR's and DB's.. he's also bigger than the Bronco's starting TE and LB'rs!!  All that size might slow down some, but LA still has his quicks that make him much faster than his listed 4.75 40 time.  He was recruited by practically every Pac-10 team as a safety, but chose Boise State because he was guaranteed that he'd be a QB, and that is where he is today.  LA has a cannon for an arm and can run around or through most defenders he'll face.  Lets put it this way.. how many Quarterbacks have you ever seen making the tackle on the punt team?  Athleticism has always been LA's trademark, and the Bronco coaches know it all too well.  They tried to work him into the offense some last year, and we should look for that trend to continue in an even more significant way this year.  LA will not only get his chances.. but we here at BC think he'll excel once they come around.  Look for LA to line up split out as a WR, as a RB in the Backfield.. he may even end up playing the HBack position in some formations.. but the thing about LA is.. you never know if he's gonna tuck it and run, go out for a pass, run an option, or take the pitch and chuck it long.  Versatility is the name of the game when LA's on the field.

  • Mark Onibokun

Onibokun came in last year as the most heralded JC WR recruit.  Offered by a number of Pac-10 teams as a Safety, he came to Boise because of the chance to play WR.  He saw lots of action last year, but never made the impact that many expected.  Well.. after a full year of studying film and the playbook, Onibokun is ready to bust out.  As teams are focused on TJ Acree, Lawrence Bady, and Derek Schouman.. Mark will be matched up in more 1-on-1 coverages against teams 'other CB', which gives the Broncos a huge tactical advantage.  Fast, big, and strong, (with the biggest biceps I've seen on a WR), Onibokun's season really won't be a surprise to anyone who knows the Broncos.. but just imagine all the Coaches who are gonna be wondering aloud.. "what's going on out there, guys?"  ;)    

  • Chrisean Christopher

Originally, I didn't want to put 2 WR's up here.. but I can't do this list without putting Chris2 in it.  C2 came in last year with Onibokun and Bady as JC transfers at WR.  He was often said to be the most impressive WR during last summer's workouts, but because he was one of the few WR's with a RS season available, he sat.  Now.. after a year of learning the system and getting hungry, he is unleashed on an unsuspecting WAC.  While Onibokun may have flown under the radar last season, C2 is coming into the season as capable as any of our starters, but without the notoriety.  He's the Ace up Coach Pete's sleeve.  That bodes very well for the Bronco's passing attack and scoring average!  Chris doesn't have Onibokun's size or strength, but he does run precise routes with deceptive speed, and he catches EVERYTHING that's within 10 yards of him.  I always thought Spider-Man was just a comic-book creation, but after watching the way the ball sticks to C2's hands while running routes, I'm beginning to wonder.

  • Marcosus LeBlanc

Sometimes, JC players come in and contribute.. and sometimes they come in and dominate.  Marcosus has the size and natural talent to dominate, and he enters a situation where the Defensive Backfield is replacing 2 starters.  Out of HS, Marcosus was recruited by Pac-10 and Big-12 teams.. but ended up at Compton JC with new Bronco WR Josh Smith.  Blessed with CB reflexes and speed, but Safety size and strength, he can play the coverage safety or the physical cornerback equally well.  He's been in Boise since January, learning the system and getting bigger with Pitt and staff.  What that means is another ball-hawk in the defensive backfield with something to prove.   


  • Tim Volk

Tim Volk started his career in Tucson with the Arizona Wildcats, but injured his neck during his RS-Freshman season.  After Arizona refused to let Tim play, despite the fact that he had gotten clearance from multiple doctors, he left and went to a JC for a season, hoping to land antoher shot at playing D1 ball.  1 season of JC ball was all it took for the Bronco coaches to be convinced that Tim could contribute right away.  Fast enough to play DE, but also big enough and strong enough to play DT, Volk will be one of the first men off the bench, assuming he's not on the field already. It is for that reason that he's one of the picks for a break-out season.  Without a RS season, he will be forced to play right away, and in order to have the success that he wanted, he spent the Spring working out with a strength coach in California.  He came to Boise at the beginning of the summer, as soon as was possible to train with the team and get acquainted with the Bronco's attacking style.  Now.. all that hard work will pay off as he will be not only a regular, but a dominant force on the Defensive Line.  Volk has the potential to be one of the best DLinemen in the West.. and we'll all get to watch him go after his goals for 3 seasons! 


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