The More Things Change...

Have you ever revisited your childhood home.. only to find that it was torn down, or remodeled to the point that you didn't even recognize it? I have.. and it was both shocking and saddening.<br><br>Well.. in an attempt to avoid that for all of you who spent some of your best years on the Boise State campus, we've done a visual walkthrough so that you can begin to familiarize yourself with some of the recent changes on campus that will debut this fall.

How many of us remember campus like this?

Everyone knows about the facility upgrades at Boise State, but that isn't the only thing going on on campus.  BroncoCountry took a digital camera, and went for a stroll down on campus to get a look at some of the changes we can expect to see once we turn onto University Drive.

The New University Courts Apartment Complex

This first set of pictures is of the new University Apartments right on University Drive across from the parking garage and a little further down, Towers.  The first picture shows the Apartment Complex in relation to the new land acquired by Boise State from the Yanke family.  The new land will reportedly be developed into a Welcome Center type structure(s) for the University.  Also, right across the street, where Blimpies used to be, the structures have all been town down and it will be used for addition parking until a suitable campus use is determined.  On this picture, if you look off to the right a bit you can see the Boise Depot, which should help orient you to where exactly the new Apartments are.  The second Picture shows a little more of the complex.  There used to be small individual homes and a photo business in the area that is now finishing development.  The next picture shows the Complex looking the other way.

The last picture was taken from the top of the parking garage that was completed in 2001.  This shot shows what you can expect to see, (relatively speaking), from your car as you pull onto University Drive from Capital.  The new Complex really changes the look and feel of Campus, especially if you have been a student in the past 5-10 years.  I used to live in the old University Court's Complex back in 1999, so it was a HUGE change for me, but the new look and architecture really adds to the overall University feel.  


The New On Campus Residences

The new On-Campus Residence Halls are something that really sticks out on campus, for good reason.  The new Residence Halls, as you can see, back up right to the Appleton Tennis Complex, (ATC).  The first picture gives a nice view of what the ATC looks like from the walkway that divides the North and South courts.  In the first picture, I tried to capture the Education/Nursing Building between one of the new buildings, and the existing Communications Building.  If you look closely, you can see it.  The next picture shows the new complex from the top of the far right side of the ATC, close to the Pavilion.  

The next 2 pictures are taken from the other side of the ATC.  The 3rd overall in this set is focused on one of the new buildings.  It shows the simplistic design that draws heavily from the traditional University setting that everyone knows and expects from a Major University.  The last picture shows the back-side of the Communications Building, to give those familiar with campus a general idea of where the new residence halls are.  The long building is the same as the building that is the focus of picture 3.  That same long building can be seen as the first building to the left in picture 2.  The last picture relates back to the first picture in that the white topped structure that frames one side of the Ed Building is the same that is seen in picture 4.


The New Weight-Room Addition

The new weightroom addition, generously funded by the Fedrizzi family, adds roughly 3000 square feet to the weight room.  The new addition can be seen, (to a certain degree), in the above 3 pictures.  The first picture is of the attendant station located directly to the left of the entrance.  The 2nd picture shows the new area that was added to the weight room, including the windows that are now the signature feature of the addition.  As a means of remembering what the structure used to look like, a picture of the groundbreaking can be found here.  The old facility used to tier back to the Bronco HOF in sections, the addition has squared that off.  The area, as can be seen in the picture, is now open, but in speaking with one of the AD's, the new equipment is expected to arrive this next week, just in time for when the new recruits report on Sunday.  The new equipment will be all new, and will include all new mats for the machines, all of the new mats will have the Bronco logo on them as well.  The above pictures don't do justice to the new facility, and I would strongly encourage everyone to plan on attending the "Worlds Largest Tailgate Party" that will be on August 20th, (Sponsored by KBOI.).  The new facility will be open to touring by the public, and you can all go in and get a first-hand look at the finished project.  For those of you out of the area, rest assured that BroncoCountry will be there, (hopefully with a much better camera), to take pictures and post.


Parting Shots

As I prepared to leave the AD, I walked out on the turf and happened to find an interesting contrast between the new and old turf.  I have shrunk the picture to allow it to be more easily loaded for those of us still tied to the internet on 28.8 bit modems.. but the difference is still amazing.  

The last picture is of the new Home of the MPC Computers Bowl banner that was hung over the AD.  It was just put up a couple days before my visit, so I thought I'd get a shot of it. 

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