The fifth Annual Women's ONLY Football Clinic, hosted by Coach Hawkins and his entire coaching staff, was held on Wednesday August 4, 2004, at the Grove Hotel. So what really happens at these things? Is there some pagan sacrifices going on? Not this year, as there was not a Moscow virgin to be found. We'll have to wait until Sept 4th and sacrifice a virgin head coach instead!

Bronco Country Ladies and Coach Hawkins

There were some familiar occurrences. The ladies could get their picture taken with Coach Hawkins or with the seven players from the 2004 football team that were in attendance. There was the usual list of trivia questions about the coaching staff (which coach was removed from a game on a stretcher and was bitten by a rattlesnake – but not on the same day). The winner of the trivia contest got two sideline passes for one of our home games (way cool dudes!!)! There were hors d' oeuvres and a no-host bar that helped the ladies get primed for an evening of fun!!

The evening opened with Coach Hawkins, dressed as usual in a black tuxedo, welcoming us all. He introduced the rest of the coaching staff, and then started to answer some of the questions he received with our registrations. The Mistresses would like to take a moment here to tell all the guys….PLEASE stop instructing your ladies to ask Hawk about "how he plans to defend the option". We think he's already proven that he has a plan for that. If you are going to give your lady a question, make it an intelligent question that will not embarrass your sweetheart.

Coach Strausser gave us a pop quiz on football terminology. But first he had to give us his top 10 reasons for why it was great to be a guy. It certainly would be nice to buy three pair of underwear for $10.

Coach Riddle explained some important things to look for when our special teams are on the field. He also quizzed us on some terminology. For example, how many of you know what a Block Point is? Then he showed us some game film of Cam Hall perfectly demonstrating what it meant. Any idea what we're talking about here? In case you haven't guessed by now, we'll tell you. It's the point in which the ball will leave the foot of the kicker. If you can guess the correct point and are fast enough, you will be able to block more than one punt. Something our special teams demonstrated many times last year and plan to do so again this year!!

Coach Vili Tuivai, along with Austin Smith and Duran Cooley, gave us a demonstration of how California boys get jiggy in Idaho during the uniform portion of the clinic. Dance party!! Equipment Manager Dale Holst explained what specific equipment the players wear for a game, using Austin and Duran as models (Austin was in his football underpants, the kind that hold the pads. He has junk in his trunk, by the way). We then had the annual competition between two ladies on who could be the fastest to put on a Bronco football uniform. The winner got genuine football sweats (one from the regular season and one from the Fort Worth Bowl)! The Mistresses contemplated a mugging in the parking lot, but decided the sweats wouldn't fit us anyway.

Coach Collins discussed, along with showing clips from practice session and game day, the proper way to tackle. He then brought four ladies up to the stage and instructed them on the proper tackling technique. He had them put their new knowledge to work by tackling one of the football players that were at the clinic. It was very entertaining to watch a gal about 5' 6" and weighing no more then 125 lbs shove Mike Sanford backwards with the right tackling technique!! Hey, something new for the single gal to use out in the dating scene!!

Coach Peterson reported that the vandals had tried to duplicate our Women's Football Clinic, but plans fell through when Mike Prater called all the girls he knew in Moscow and they both said no. Coach Pete also heard that coach Holt had only agreed to come to the U of I after they had offered to buy him a golf cart for his golf outings and a boat for water sports. Next time you see Coach Pete, ask him to show you the picture of the combo golf cart/boat.

Coach Peterson talked about only one of the MANY things that a quarterback must look at when reading a defense. He explained four different passing routes, all in one play mind you, and how the QB decides which player he'll pass to. He had three volunteers come on stage and played a game called "which passing route will be open" (Flat! Seam!). With such awesome coaching from coach Pete all of us ladies learned real quick which route would be open. We now have first hand experience on how our quarterbacks turn out so great. Thanks Coach Pete!!

One of the best parts of the evening was when the seven players from the 2004 Bronco football team came up on stage for a panel discussion. The seven players were Mike Sanford, Andy Avalos, Cam Hall, Jeff Carpenter, Klayton Adams, Duran Cooley and Austin Smith. For about half an hour they answered questions from the audience. The first one coming from Bronco4Life, which was "Why did they pick Boise State over any other University"? The unanimous reason was because of the coaching staff and the feeling of camaraderie between the coaches and all the players. Duran Cooley, a guy from southern California, said he was a little apprehensive before taking his trip to Boise. But as soon as he arrived he said it felt like he had found a home.

Now as for pre-game rituals, most of the players didn't really have anything specific. Austin Smith said that he liked to sing REALLY LOUD. He says it helps him get relaxed. Personally, I like the way Cam Hall and Andy Avalos get ready for a game. Both said they like to take a walk around the football field (to get into the football frame of mine) and they also like to listen to Metallica, Metallica and MORE Metallica. With the way that both Cam and Andy hit, we're thinking it's a dang good pre-game ritual.

(NOTE to Santa: Please bring Cam and Andy more Metallica cd's. Oh yeah, and bring them early please…like on Sept. 3rd!!)

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