It's BACK.. Bro-Bits 5.. "Now Back to the Studio"

<i>Thanks to a certain hand-crafted time machine, we now join the ESPN broadcast of this Friday's Boise State/Oregon State game at the half, with Rece Davis, Trev Alberts and Mark May in the studio, and calling the game is Mike Tirico, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit.</i>

Davis: "Welcome to the ESPN College GameDay halftime show. And at the half, Boise State leads the Beavers of Oregon State 24 to 13, thanks to two touchdown passes from sophomore quarterback Jared Zabransky and a fumble recovery for a touchdown by Gabe Franklin. Rece Davis here with Trev Alberts and Mark May. Gentlemen, it's a somewhat surprising score at halftime, with the Broncos up on a very tough Oregon State team – a team that nearly pulled off the upset last week against defending national champion LSU. What were the keys to the first half? Trev?"

Alberts: "Well, what jumps out at me, Rece, is how neither of these teams play the kind of quality football that you'd see at, say, Nebraska. I mean, sure, Oregon State has a solid defense, but Nebraska's new west-coast offense has given them an added dimension that these defenses couldn't dream of containing. Coach Callahan really has the big red machine rolling, and woe be anyone who tries to stop it."

May: "Hold on now. I was very much impressed with Oregon State's defense, despite the score. Don't forget, this Boise State team has led the nation in scoring 3 of the past 4 seasons, and for the most part the Beaver defense has been putting the pressure on and is starting to wear-down the front five of the Boise State offense. I think the second half will see a dramatic turn in momentum, with Oregon State running away with the ballgame."

Alberts: "But Nebraska, Mark. Nebraska! These are fine football teams, no question, but Nebraska scored a ton of points passing the football last week and are certain to do that again. I think Nebraska will be a force to be reckoned with as the season rolls on."

May: "I just think Oregon State's defense is solid, and would be against anyone."

Alberts: "I completely disagree, Mark. Nebraska would manhandle anyone. Have I mentioned that on game day, Memorial Stadium would be the 3rd largest city in the whole state of Nebraska?"

Davis: "Thanks guys."

Alberts: "Nebraska's got it going, I'm telling ya...go big red!"

Davis: "Thanks. Let's go back to Bronco Stadium in Boise, and hear from Mike Tirico, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit to get their take on the first half. Guys?"

Tirico: "Thanks Rece. Coach? Kirk? A mild surprise at Bronco Stadium here in Boise, Idaho, but perhaps not. This Bronco team has, after all, won nearly 20 straight games on this turf. And let's not forget that they're 26-2 over the past two-plus seasons."

Herbstreit: "No question. But I think the key here has been the passing game of Boise University, led by senior quarterback Jason Zebowsky. He's used his athleticism to avoid a nasty pass rush from that vaunted Oregon State defense and buy time to find his receivers. Combine that a solid rushing attack by running back Lon Matts, and it's no surprise that ISU is leading this game."

Tirico: "Coach, it would seem that the Broncos have gained a little bit of confidence against a tough OSU team, at least in the first half. What do you think?"

Corso: "I'll tell you what I think. I think Boise State should put in their second team right now. When I coached at Indiana, I knew exactly when the game was out of reach, and that's when I pulled the first team. You gotta show respect for the other team!"

Herbstreit: "Coach, they're only up by eleven."

Corso: "Not so fast, my friend. Eleven points is insurmountable, especially when I was coaching. Coach Dan Hawkins should call off the dogs now and show some sportsmanship, sweetheart."

Tirico: "With 24 points in the first half..."

Corso: "RUTs! RUTs! RUTs! RUTs!..."

Tirico: "...Boise State is only about one-third of the way to their season average, thanks to their 65-7 performance last week against their rival, the Idaho Vandals."

Corso: "RUUUUTs!!!"

Tirico: "Now let's go back to the studio, and Rece Davis."

Davis: "Thanks Mike. We'll be back for the second-half kickoff, right after these messages from your local stations..."

Sometimes it's scary what the future may bring. Sometimes not. Now, let's head back to the present, and Rafter17...


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