Bronco Head Tennis Coach Coach Greg Patton August 3, 2004.">
Bronco Head Tennis Coach Coach Greg Patton August 3, 2004.">

Log jam at the top of Boise State tennis

Who will be playing number one singles? Number six singles? Boise State is loaded with talent to choose from.<br><br><i>"It is going to be a toss up on who plays where…I have 10 outstanding and exceptional players vying for six singles spots. The competition will be fierce, but it is a problem that I LOVE to have."</i><br>Bronco Head Tennis Coach Coach Greg Patton August 3, 2004.

Boise State gave notice to the college tennis world this Labor Day weekend that the 2004 team will be even more powerful than projected. College Tennis On line said Boise State arguably has the best recruiting class in the nation. That was before they knew about the latest player to join the team.  

Ikaika Jobe, a senior transfer from St. Louis, University, made his tournament debut at the 2004 Warm Springs Tennis Club Labor Day Open Tennis Tournament in Ketchum, Idaho.  Jobe, a transfer from St. Louis University, defeated Boise State's Luke Shields, the most highly recruited high school tennis player in the country, in the open singles finals.

He was dominant, playing near perfect tennis, winning 6-3, 7-6. Jobe has been known to be erratic at times in the past, but not in this match. When his game is on he is an awesome tennis player. On the other hand, Shield's game was off. He committed twenty-eight unforced errors to Jobe's twelve. Four of the twelve came during a brief mental lapse, with Shields serving, fighting off a Jobe match point.

What does this mean? It means Greg Patton's 2004-5 team will be even stronger than early projections. Ikaika Jobe is the icing on the cake. Or he's the cake and the other guys are the icing. Anyway you look at it, his addition to the team is big.

The doubles was also an all Boise State final. Eric Robersen (Fr)/ Nils Klemann (Jr) vs. Luke Shields (Fr)/ Eren Vaughn (Jr).  Shields and Vaughn won 4-6, 6-1, 6-4. Shields redeemed himself after his singles loss by making three "Reactionary" volleys in a row that astounded the gallery.  A "Reactionary volley" is a 100 mph shot driven directly at you, full bore, and you are at the net. It takes incredible quickness and eye-hand coordination to counter these shots. Points like these are what makes the fans at Wimbledon or Flushing Meadows stand up and cheer.

There were ten Broncos entered in the tournament. They were playing unattached and were not representing Boise State University. They were Thomas Schoeck (Jr) Germany, Ikaika Jobe (Sr) Hawaii, Brent Werbeck (Fr), Texas, Beck Roghaar (Sr) Utah, Nils Klemann (Jr) Germany, Luke Shields (Fr) Colorado, Jonathan Bair (Jr) Kansas, Eric Robersen (Fr) California, Eren Vaughan (Jr) Australia, and Matias Silva (Sr) Peru.

Matias Silva, AKA as Matty, is another super Boise State tennis story. Matty just received an invitation from his country of Peru to play for them in the Davis Cup against Brazil on September 18-19. He has already had Davis Cup success by winning one of his two matches earlier against Ecuador.

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