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Perspective is important. As fans enjoy the bye week to do homework, housework, or whatever, it's important to put things in their proper context.

Bro Bits

A lighter view of BSU


Take a break. Reflect. Appreciate.


It's a bye week. What better time to relax, sit back, sip your favorite beverage (or gulp, quaff or shotgun... your preference), and contemplate what has happened in Boise, Idaho, since August, 2001.


Instead of whining about the Broncos not destroying teams by 58 points and putting games away in the first quarter, we need to remind ourselves how fortunate we've been to witness one of the most incredible runs in the history of NCAA 1A college football.


Look, forget what Trev Alberts "thinks" about non-BCS teams. The guy changes his mind more than Rosie O'Donnell in a Baskin & Robbins. Ignore how the BCS elitists consider 1A football to be a class society where their teams are kings, and we're the plebs. The B-C-S is just another way to spell E-G-O. Let the media wax poetic about Miami and Oklahoma and USC, because that wax clogs their ears whenever anyone mentions a non-"elite" team and questions their ability.


It doesn't matter as long as you have one of the best coaching staffs in the country who just keeps churning out wins week after week and year after year.


Our coaching staff has for the past 3+ seasons have put together a run the likes of which just about any 1A college football team, BCS or not, would be envious.


Just look at the numbers during the Dan Hawkins era:


• After losing 3 of the first 5 games, the Broncos have lost only 3 of the last 39.

• The Broncos have won of 29 of the last 30 games.

• The Broncos have won of 24 of 26 WAC games, including the last 20 straight.

• The Broncos have won 16 straight games.

• In the last 44 games, the Broncos have, on average, outscored their opponents by nearly 3 touchdowns.


Nice resume, eh?


Yet to fully comprehend how remarkable those statistics are, you need to look at the entire picture, season by season, game by game, score by score – because only then can you truly understand how completely ridiculous this current run is:



The Boise State Broncos

Dan Hawkins Era

(losses in red)



South Carolina                  L 32-13

Washington State             L 41-20

UTEP                                W 42-17

Idaho                                 W 45-13

Rice                                   L 45-14

Tulsa                                 W 41-10

Fresno State                     W 35-30

Nevada                              W 49-7

Louisiana Tech                 L 48-42

Hawaii                               W 28-21

San Jose State                 W 56-6

Central Michigan               W 26-10



Idaho                                 W 38-21

Arkansas                           L 41-14

Wyoming                           W 35-13

Utah State                         W 63-38

Hawaii                               W 58-31

Tulsa                                 W 52-24

Fresno State                     W 67-21

San Jose State                 W 45-8

UTEP                                W 58-3

Rice                                   W 49-7

Louisiana Tech                 W 36-10

Nevada                              W 44-7

Iowa State                         W 34-16



Idaho State                        W 62-0       

Idaho                                 W 24-10

Oregon State                    L 26-24

Wyoming                           W 33-17

Louisiana Tech                 W 43-37

Tulsa                                 W 27-20     

SMU                                  W 45-3

San Jose State                 W 77-14

BYU                                   W 50-12     

UTEP                                W 51-21

Fresno State                     W 31-17

Nevada                              W 56-3

Hawaii                               W 45-28

TCU                                   W 34-31



Idaho                                 W 65-7

Oregon State                    W 53-34

UTEP                                W 47-31

BYU                                   W 28-27

SMU                                  W 38-20


Record: 38-6

Points Scored: 1,837

Avg. Per Game: 41.75

Points Against: 978

Avg. Per Game: 22.23

Avg. Margin of Victory (all games): 19.52

Avg. Margin of Victory (wins only): 25.4


Yearly totals



Record: 8-4

Points Scored: 411 (34.25 ppg)

Points Against: 280 (23.33)

Avg. Margin of Victory: 10.92



Record: 12-1

Points Scored: 593 (45.62)

Points Against: 240 (18.46)

Avg. Margin of Victory: 27.16



Record: 13-1

Points Scored: 602 (43.00)

Points Against: 239 (17.07)

Avg. Margin of Victory: 25.93


2004 (thus far)

Record: 5-0

Points Scored: 231 (46.20)

Points Against: 119 (23.80)

Avg. Margin of Victory: 22.40



Impressive, isn't it? Tons of W's, ounces of L's.


Appreciate it. Embrace it. And thank the coaches for it -- not just Dan Hawkins, but his incredibly talented coaching staff.


Because who knows when we'll ever see a run like this again.


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