Rock the Arena

By now all you Bronco fans are deep in the spirit of all things Bronco. So far we have exercised our vocal cords against UofI and OSU, experimented with different ways to pray, and went for the Guinness world record for the most participants in a single heart stopping moment. Special thanks go out to our friends from BYU for assisting us with that. Our support will not waver even if our Carr is in the shop and we have to play without a Schou.

With all that said, let's get ready to rock the arena. Basketball season is approaching slowly. Some may have seen the articles about our noise. We have made a name for ourselves with the number of decibels we can pump out without four walls and a roof to be under. Now let's see if the arena can contain this thunder.

So, bring the orange and bring the blue. Invite all your friends and family too. Don't forget your tickets and get in the car. There is no other place to be by far. They have been known to put on some really good shows. You know them merely as….YOUR BOISE STATE BRONCOS!!!

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