Boise State's Men's Basketball team looked to launch their season with a couple of easy games against local schools, starting with NAIA powerhouse Albertsons.<br><br>Only problem.. somebody forgot to tell Albertsons that they're supposed to be the easy team.

Only 8 months removed from the best post-season run in school history, the Boise State Men's basketball team sauntered into their first game with a brand new sponsorship deal for their home court, brand new dynamic floor to play on, and a passle of new players that, we were told, had the potential to make this Bronco team the best ever to play on the campus of Boise State.

Everything was in place for the Basketball team to build on last years success and capitalize on the incredible fever pitch that the success of the Bronco Football team has created in Boise. And for 1 shining moment, it appeared that Bronco Basketball was back as a major player in Boise...

And then the referee blew his whistle to start the game and reality came crashing down on the Broncos in the form of the NAIA Albertsons College Coyotes, who dominated the game early on, built a 20+ point lead, and played with the passion, dedication, desire, and precision of the Bronco Football team on their way to an amazingly easy 87-66 blowout victory over the Broncos that, as hard as it might be for this Bronco fan to admit, wasn't even as close as the score would indicate.

Albertsons is to be praised, commended, and respected. Their win was not a fluke. Boise State played lazy, sloppy, and not just 1 or 2 steps behind Albertsons, but about 15 yards behind. Giving up open jumpshots, easy layups, and just about everything else inbetween, on this night there wasn't a local team the Broncos could've beaten, be it Albertsons, NorthWest Nazarene, or East Junior High's 7th grade girls 'B' team.

How, in the midst of such a shockingly bad performance by the home team, can Bronco fans find a silver-lining?? Well.. in reality we can't. Sometimes you simply don't show up. There really is no positive spin to be put on this loss.. it was disappointing, brutal, and shocking.

However, if I were forced to find a bright side.. I would point to the fact that the Broncos only returned 5 players from last season, bringing in 9 new players, at least 4 of whom saw playing time against Albertsons. It will take time for this team to find its personality. I would also point to Franco Harris, who continued to be instant offense for the Broncos, scoring 19, and newcomer Kareem Lloyd played well in his Bronco debut, scoring 12. Those bright spots are dimmed, however, by the fact that Albertson's shot 52.4% for the night and canned 10 3-pointers.

The bottom line is that we, unfortunately, are as bad as this game made us appear right now, but that does not mean that there isn't room for improvement.. there is a lot of talent on the Broncos team right now, more in fact than last season in my own humble opinion, but talent is merely 1 facet of the game, and must be accompanied by a number of other elements that the Broncos currently lack.

Boise State's season is not lost, in fact it has barely started and can easily still be very successful. However for a team that has been struggling for a number of seasons prior to last year, the improvement better happen quickly or else the Broncos could end up playing to crowds that look like they belong at a San Jose State Football game rather than anywhere on the Boise State campus.

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