and DOWWWWNNN The Stretch They Come!!!

He's past the claiming races, he's won at the county fair, and places outside Idaho. One prestigious race, in which he knocked off Beaver Dan, drew national attention. Say what you want about him, but loveable Sir Bronco Speedy has a lot of ability and a great heart. Does he have what it takes to win down the stretch? Let's join our track announcers:



     Hi, racing fans, this is Joe Handicapper, and to say the crowd's excited would be like saying I get down from a horse sore.  The action has been fast and furious and with just 3 furlongs to go, this has turned into a real horse race.  What started out as a 117-horse field has dwindled down to just a few (OK, so they had to use several starting gates at once…).  The proud but upstart WAC stable has 3 entries that are now running with the thoroughbreds in the lead.  Everyone's favorite underdog, Sir Bronco Speedy at 50-1, with jockey Dan Hawkins aboard, has surged near the front and is in the top ten.  He's very well-groomed and has caught the eye of the nation.  They won't catch the leaders, Trojanariat, Sooner O' War and the great auburn horse Bold Tiger, but at this point Speedy is hoping for a top five or six finish.


     There are other horses from the oncoming WAC stable that are looking good.  Led by veteran jockey Mike Price, Miner Miracle has surprised everyone and has made his way up to the top 25 and Bulldog Bar The Door, with Pat Hill up, is right behind him.  Stablemates Louisiana Lightning, Nevada General and Hawai'i Kid are all still alive as well.  Dave, what do you see?


     "Joe, this has been one of the most unpredictable races I've seen in all my years of calling races.  Just when you think you have a beat on one of these horses, they act up on you.  Sir Bronco Speedy has been one of the toughest to handicap—he's a two-year old in a race of three-year olds.  Speedy comes into the race undefeated, but they've been lower stakes races for the most part and frankly, the national media doesn't put much stock in ‘em.  But you never know Joe; that's why they call it a horse race.  At times they've looked highly impressive and at other times….Hey!  We're missing the race!  This is going down to the wire folks!  Longhornlovesrunning has had some close calls but has been solid and is right there amongst the leaders.  Bearable, another crowd favorite, lost earlier this season to Trojanariat but is right on his heels.  You've also got to like Little Ute Man, yet another underdog in the field and Ann Arbor Annie, the only appaloosa in the field.  Semintality  is a sentimental favorite but frankly I wouldn't put much stock in that old codger.  I should also mention Raisin' ‘Cane, with jockey Larry Coker aboard, and 25-1 shot Crazy Cardinal who are charging hard down the stretch.  Hold on to yer' hat, because this horse race has some real Broncos in it!"   

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