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<b>Boise State Head Football Coach Dan Hawkins was on the list for every college football coaching vacancy...<br><br>...until this afternoon.</b><br><br><br>

Bronco Head Coach Dan Hawkins

Dan Hawkins will sign a 5-year contract extension with Boise State when he returns to Boise at the end of this week.  That is according to a report from the Boise State Official Athletics Website, BroncoSports.com.  Hawkins has reportedly spent this week with Lou Groza Award Finalist Tyler Jones in Florida for the award ceremony, and is also reportedly taking advantage of the time to get in some East Coast recruiting for the Broncos.

The BroncoSports.com report says that Dan Hawkins has agreed to the contract extension and has committed to signing it as soon as he's back in Boise, which should be Thursday or Friday of this week.  Hawk's new contract is worth a base salary of $2.6 Million over 5 seasons.  He will stay a Bronco through the 2010 season.  

The contract includes numerous incentives in the form of lump sums and raises.  Also included is a $850,000 buy-out clause that is $750,000 more than the previous clause.  Hawkins, had he been seriously interested in leaving Boise State, could have made it easy on his suitors by not signing the contract until after the Liberty Bowl.  Now, however, there is little doubt that Dan Hawkins is a Bronco for the foreseeable future, much to the delight of Bronco fans nationwide.

Hawkins had been mentioned as a potential coaching candidate for essentially every coaching vacancy over the past 2 seasons.  This season alone he has been prominently mentioned as a candidate for openings at Florida, Illinois, Notre Dame, Stanford, Washington, and was pursued vigorously by at least one school as the UNLV Athletic Director was quoted in a Las Vegas newspaper that he was going to make Dan Hawkins "(t)ell him no" before he'd go away.  Hawkins has earned all the attention and accolades, going 44-6 over his 4 seasons at the helm and leading the Broncos to 3 straight seasons in the Top 20, including a Top 10 ranking this season.

Hawkins has publicly expressed his desire to stay in Boise, but has in the same breath, stated his need for improved pay for his Asst. Coaches, as well as improved facilities and amenities for his, and all Boise State athletes.  One can only assume that his signature indicates that large steps have been taken to meet those wishes.  Along with the new contract for Hawkins is a 19% increase in pay to the Asst. Coaches is in place, and another big step toward meeting Hawkin's request should be finalized in January when Boise State finalizes plans for a new Indoor Practice Facility that will be used by the Football Team as well as numerous other teams and organizations on campus.

Coach Hawkins wasn't available, but did release the following statement, "I'm very excited about what we have accomplished and even more excited about what is possible in the future."  When asked to comment on the news, Boise State Athletic Director Gene Bleymeier stated that Hawkins, "wants to be here, he's going to be here for a long time to come.  This is a foundation for us to build upon."  Boise State President Robert Kustra stated that, "(n)ow we can move forward on what we've talked about and what he (Hawk) knows we need to do to build this program."  Kustra also said that Hawkins told him to tell everyone that he's "fired up", and that he is excited about, "the support (for the Broncos) from the community and the State."

This should continue to be a familiar sight on the Bronco sidelines.

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