BroBits 9: Boise State LOI Quiz

National Letter Of Intent (LOI) day is right around the corner. And that means the annual BSU LOI Day party! But how much do you know about this year's LOI Day festivities? Take the test and find out...

The 2005 LOI Day party quiz.

The "Big Easy" was named after...

a) the great party town of New Orleans
b) the WAC conference schedule the Broncos have endured for the last 3 years
c) my last girlfriend, bless her
d) 5:00pm on a Friday

Jeff Caves is to Mike Prater what...

a) Tweedledee is to Tweedledumb
b) a shark is to a remora
c) a baby is to a diaper
d) a computer is to a clothespin

The "Big Easy" was selected as this year's venue for the Bronco's LOI Day party because...

a) it was big enough to hold all the Bronco fans
b) the Spearmint Rhino doesn't serve alcohol
c) it's stumbling distance to 80 downtown bars and restaurants
d) Louie's was taken

The best part of Letter Of Intent Day is...

a) discovering who the next class of Broncos will be that will take the program to even greater heights
b) Letter Of Intent Night (LOIN)
c) it beats working
d) learning how all our rivals have yet again out-recruited BSU, and getting a good, hearty laugh from it

Missing the LOI Day party is akin to missing...

a) the season opener
b) the toilet
c) the point
d) your wedding to Jennifer Love Hewitt, even if you're a woman

Finding a seat at the LOI Day party will be as difficult as...

a) finding a purpose for University Place
b) finding an ugly Swedish bikini model
c) dating a Swedish bikini model without the wife finding out
d) playing tiddlywinks in the shower with three fat hairy guys who suffer from halitosis and aggressive diarrhea

The best way of preparing for the LOI Day party is...

a) studying all the recruiting info available on BroncoCountry
b) twenty minutes of clapping, followed by fifteen minutes of screaming, followed by a series of curls with 12-ounce weights, followed by hooting practice, followed by standing in line in your own bathroom waiting for the john to be free
c) beer
d) gas-ex

The worst thing about LOI Day is...

a) the day after LOI Day
b) it doesn't happen on a Friday
c) the uncontrolled post-party weeping upon realization that it's still 212 more days until next season's opener against Georgia
d) no more Buster's girls, at least this year...

Hooters is opening in Boise.

a) yeah?
b) so?
c) what's this got to do with LOI Day?!?
d) you just wanted to mention that Hooters is opening in Boise, didn't you, you pathetic degenerate... so, um, where?

For a BroncoCountry newbie attending the LOI Day party for the first time, the most difficult thing will be...

a) putting handles to faces to real names of other BroncoCountry posters
b) the bill
c) admitting that you're with us
d) realizing that we're all women who want you, badly

Is it true that everyone attending this year's LOI Day party will receive a free Bronco jersey?

a) hell no
b) as if
c) share whatever it is you're smoking
d) sure, right after Boise Tower is built*

* Not a guarantee

Will there be beer available at the LOI Day party?

a) will there be any hype prior to the Super Bowl?
b) does cake stand a chance at a WeightWatcher's party?
c) is Craig James a blithering idiot?
d) does the Pythagorean Theorem not clearly state that the area of the square built upon the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares upon the remaining sides?

The answer to each question is, of course, "e: some or all of the above, unless not." If you failed this test, then you have all the more reason to be at this year's LOI Day party, this Wednesday at 2:00pm at the Big Easy. (Come early to the Pre LOI-Party Party at the HaPenny next door from 11-2. KTIK live broadcast starts at 3:00pm in the Big Easy.) Maybe you'll learn something.

See you there!

Go Broncos!

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