The Next Big Thing...

<p>Boise State has become a media darling as of late, appearing on ESPN more than most any other College Football team...</p><p>Now that notoriety has turned into a Bronco apparel explosion that has Bronco gear flying off shelves around the country at whiplash speed.</p><p>So with the Broncos being that En Vogue... how could Hollywood not get in on the action?</p>

Boise State and ESPN have had a very successful cooperation since the Broncos turned D1. Until their 4-point loss to eventual #5 Louisville in the Liberty Bowl, televised on ESPN December 31st.. Boise State had never lost while on ESPN.  Since 2001, the Broncos have been featured 14 times on ESPN's networks.

Now, that relationship seems to be spawning another successful Bronco venture.. Clothing and Apparel sells.

Currently on's College Football homepage, the lead-story is about Boise State's stratospheric rise up the charts.. no, not on the field, but on the shelves.  According to the article, entitled "The New Black"... (below) 

Boise State has broken into the top 50 in royalties, (selling merchandise with either the University name or logo), surpassing schools such as Northwestern, Boston College, and Georgetown.

Also according to the article, "the Broncos had the biggest increase in sales this year as royalties grew 84 percent and sales of clothing through the team's official Web site rose 321 percent compared to the 2003 football season."  This information corresponds with the growth of BroncoCountry as well, as just a year ago the message board had under 600 members.. currently, there are over 1800.

Part of the Bronco craze can be attributed to the redesigned logo.  The new logo, unveiled 4 years ago, was met with some resistance as some people thought it lacked originality.  Others lambasted the $70,000 pricetag that came with the redesign.  In hindsight, however, that may have been one of best investments anywhere since Whitewater.  Since Boise State's new logo was unveiled in April 2001, annual clothing sales have increased by 240 percent to $1.4 million. National retailer Champs now has Boise State gear in hundreds of its stores."  

Another sign of just how popular the Broncos have become... an executive with the movie Miss Congeniality II starring Sandra Bullock recently ordered some Broncos gear since one of the characters in the movie -- which debuts next month -- is a Boise State graduate. 

So now, the Broncos are off the small-screen and into tinsel town!

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