Behind Those Baby Blues....

<p>Anyone who knows me knows I love Boise State & bleed Blue and Orange. To me, few things in this world rate higher than Bronco Sports, & fortunately for me all the important people in my life feel the same, or at least deal with it. <i>(Bless their hearts!)</i></p><p>50% of my wardrobe is BSU related, I tend to gravitate to anything Orange & Blue. My sister-in-law says that my car threw up Broncos, but who's to say that 8 Bronco related items in a car is overkill? (OK make that 11...)</p>

I thought I would go it one step further! Oh yes! I would try to fill the horse shoes of Baby Bronco. What an idea! What an experience.

After being introduced to all the important people behind the scenes, and using most of my spectator time at a previous game to watch Buster to see what he does, it was my time to shine.  Well, the only thing that really shined was my forehead from all the heat built up in my new fur outfit and head.  This wasn't the only obstacles I was to face in this new experience.  I had no idea of all the obstacles that I would come to experience.  I mean, who knew that horses had tunnel vision?  To all the poor kids I ran over and left in my wake during the Fresno game, I am sorry.  If they didn't approach me in oncoming traffic from 10 yards away, they didn't stand a chance.

Walking proved to be more difficult for a couple of reasons.  When you have hooves that are the size of a human head, each, and they knock together, it creates a walking hazard.  Now correct me if I am wrong, but aren't girls supposed to have small feet?  Now add a two foot tail to the previous handicap and let the fun begin!  Now this could be compared to walking and having one of your so-called-friends shove something like a tennis racket or baseball bat between your knees from behind as you are walking.  My mom, who had good intentions, suggested I attach a wrist strap to the tail and string it to my arm, like the women did with the trains of dresses in the olden days.  If you look at it one way, it is a good idea.  The tail won't get in between my legs and I can walk better.  But, if you look at it another way you get a horse mooning you.  Yes, the tail goes under the skirt. So, tail goes up, skirt goes up!  Nothing but fur! 

Onto Show time!  Now is the time I had wished that I didn't tell my family I was doing this so I would be less nervous, even though I was glad they were there.  Being new to the whole experience, I missed my cue to be on court for the anthem.  Then during the intro I was headed into oncoming cheerleader traffic and almost was run over.  I also had issues maneuvering in crowds.  One can not just slip between people in the effort to get through a traffic jam as a normal person anymore.  This became evident when I hit my tenth innocent victim with my nose.  Note to all who may choose to be a horse for whatever reason, allow an extra foot between you and other for nose clearance.  You may not see it, but it is there!

There I was, walking around the arena, and getting more attention than I ever imagined I would be getting.  I had some that were so happy to see me and those that looked at me as if to say, "You come near me, I'll take you down.  I don't care if you are a cute cartoon horse" That killed my idea that all people loved seeing big cartoon character types.  At least I can say that among those that were happy to see me were Old Bronco and his party!

Although I lasted only through half time due to my Eustachian tube dysfunction and will miss the rest of the season; it was all worth it.  I would have even tried to be Baby for the up coming football season but I love to watch the Broncos on the blue and would suffer severe withdraws if I couldn't be in the stands.  I can't be a silent supporter.  Did I mention mascots are silent?  Yeah, that won't work for me.  What was I thinking?  I guess I just found out what I wouldn't give up for the team.

This writer has a new found respect for Buster and all mascots.  Even though I had to hang up my hooves, being Baby for the short time I was will always be with me.  As my brother said to me, not in so many words, is an opportunity not taken, is a regret taken.

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