Is There Another All-American In This Group?

Five Boise State wrestlers are in St. Louis for the NCAA Wrestling Championships. Check the Olympic Sports Board for updates on their performance and best of luck to Scott, Ben, Andrew, Casey and Eric!


     PAC-10 champions Scott Jorgensen and Ben Cherrington lead a Bronco quintet into the NCAA National Wrestling Championships in St. Louis this Thursday through Sunday.  This will be Cherrington's third trip to the nationals and Jorgensen's second.  Also making the trip to St. Louis are Andrew Hochstrasser at 125 pounds, Casey Phelps at 197 and heavyweight Eric Smith.  The latter three each placed third in their respective weight classes in the PAC-10 championships.


     Jorgensen (133 lbs.) enters the tournament seeded sixth with a record of 28-6.  Jorgensen has been beaten by Daniel Frishkorn of Oklahoma State (10-4), Drew Headlee of Pittsburgh (6-4), Derek Moore of UC Davis (16-0), T.J. Enright of Ohio State (5-3), Matt Sanchez of Cal State-Bakersfield (14-10) and Dominick Moyer of Nebraska (9-2).

                Cherrington's overall mark for the year is 31-6, with those losses coming to Zach Esposito of Oklahoma State (8-6 and 11-4), 4th-ranked Eric Tannebaum of Michigan (7-5 and 8-2), 8th-ranked Ty Eustice of Iowa (3-2) and #9 Jeff Harrison of Northern Iowa by a decision of 7-4.  Cherrington (149 lbs.) is also seeded 6th for the Broncos.


 Despite finishing 3rd in the PAC-10 championships, Hochstrasser was awarded the #8 seed among 125-pounders.  The two wrestlers who beat him out in San Luis Obispo were #4 Vic Moreno of Cal-Poly and 6th-seeded Efren Ceballos of Cal State-Bakersfield.  Phelps is seeded 23rd at 197 pounds and Eric Smith is 15th at heavyweight.


125 lbs: (34 Qualifiers)
1) Sam Hazewinkel-Oklahoma (Big XII - 2nd)
2) Nick Simmons-Michigan State (Big X - 1st)
3) Kyle Ott-Illinois (Big X - 2nd)
4) Vic Moreno-Cal-Poly (Pac X - 1st)
5) Joe Dubuque-Indiana (Big X - 3rd)
6) Efren Ceballos-Cal-State-Bakersfield (Pac X - 2nd)
7) Bobby Lowe-Minnesota (Big X - 5th)
8) Andrew Hochstrasser-Boise State (Pac X - 3rd)

9) John Velez-Northwestern (Big X - 6th)
10) Coleman Scott-Oklahoma State (Big XII - 1st)

133 lbs: (33 Qualifiers)

1) Shawn Bunch-Edinboro (EWL - 1st)

 2) Travis Lee-Cornell (EIWA - 1st)

3) Mack Reiter-Minnesota (Big X - 1st)

4) Mark Jayne-Illinois (Big X - 2nd)

5) Tom Clum-Wisconsin (Big X - 3rd)

6) Scott Jorgensen-Boise State (Pac X - 1st)

 7) Nathan Morgan-Oklahoma State (Big XII - 1st)

8) Matt Ciasulli-Lehigh (EIWA - 2nd)

9) Jason Borrelli-Central Michigan (MAC - 1st)

10) Matt Sanchez-Cal-State-Bakersfield (Pac X - 2nd)


149: (32 Qualifiers)

 1) Zach Esposito-Oklahoma State (Big XII - 1st)

2) Phillip Simpson-Army (EIWA - 1st)

 3) Dustin Manotti-Cornell (EIWA - 2nd)

4) Eric Tannenbaum-Michigan (Big X - 1st)

5) Matt Storniolo-Oklahoma (Big XII - 2nd)

6) Ben Cherrington-Boise State (Pac X - 1st)

7) Craig Henning-Wisconsin (Big X - 2nd)

8) Ty Eustice-Iowa (Big X - 3rd)

9) Jeff Harrison-Northern Iowa (West Regional - 1st)

10) Mark DiSalvo-Central Michigan (MAC - 1st)

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