Catching up with Kyle Seevers learned that Kyle recently visited his surgeon to see how his surgically repaired shoulder was progressing, and what he learned should put a smile on all Bronco fans faces.

Kyle visited his surgeon recently and learned that everything was progressing exceptionally well.

Of special note is the fact that despite the necessity for a second operation on the same shoulder, his shoulder is progressing faster than anticipated, and is looking great. Another bit of exciting news it that the stability of his surgically reparied shoulder is said to be exceeding his Dr's expectations.

Kyle, as we all know, is an exceptional overall athlete, and has thrown a baseball 88 mph consistently in the past. However, because of his shoulder rehab he hasn't been able to play baseball this year. So, to keep in shape, Kyle went out for the Lincoln County HS Track & Field team.

Last week was Kyle's first ever Track Meet, and despite never having stepped into sprinting blocks before, the 6'6 gunslinger ran an impressive 11.5 in the 100 meters and 23.1 in the 200 meters.

His 11.5 100 meters is especially impressive as, (take it from one who used to sprint to pay for his school), using starting blocks takes practice and repetition. Once an athlete becomes used to starting from blocks, it's not uncommon to drop .2 from your 100 meter time.

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