NCAA Tournament Tennis Comes to Boise

Boise State's Appleton Center has been selected by the NCAA to host the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tennis Tournament. Action gets underway Friday at Appleton. Plan to catch all the action as the #31-ranked Broncos try to serve, volley and slam their way into the Sweet Sixteen!

Boise State is hosting its first NCAA Tennis Tournament since 1999.  Four excellent teams will visit Appleton Center this Friday.  #16 Texas A & M takes on Montana State in the opening match at 1 p.m. Friday.  After the completion of that contest, #31 Boise State meets #34 North Carolina (app. 5:30 p.m.).  The Broncos and Tar Heels have a few opponents in common.  Both defeated North Carolina State--North Carolina shut them out 4-0 while the Broncos downed the Wolfpack 4-2.  Boise State knocked off #32 Notre Dame 4-3 while UNC lost to the Fighting Irish 5-2.  North Carolina turned the tables on Virginia Commonwealth, winning 4-3 while the Broncos lost to VCU, 5-2.  Here's a look at the four teams:



#31 Boise State--30-7, defeating #32 Notre Dame, #47 Tulsa, 48th-ranked North Carolina State, #50 South Alabama, and losing to top-ranked Baylor, #10 LSU, #11 Kentucky, #20 Tulane, #25 Texas A & M-Corpus Christi, #41 Virginia Commonwealth and #61 New Mexico. 



#1 Luke Shields, Freshman, ranked #46 in the country, has a 32-10 singles record.  Shields is 7-8 against Top 100 singles players.  He defeated #41 Robert Peale of Rice to win the WAC championship.  He split with the #9 player in the nation, Sven Swinnen of Oregon, and was playing excellent tennis against #2 Benedikt Dorsch of Baylor in the Indoor National Championships (5-7, 6-3, 3-4) when the match was called.  Shields has won 6 matches in a row and 8 of his last 9.

#2 Thomas Schoeck, Junior, was ranked 90th earlier this year, and has a 29-11 record.  Schoeck is 2-5 against Top 100 players.  Schoeck too was playing well against his Baylor opponent, #18 Benjamin Becker, when that match was called.  Thomas was leading Becker (4-6, 7-5, 2-0) at the time.  Schoeck has won 12 of his last 14 matches.

#3  Matias Silva,Senior,  28-12 in singles and 0-5 against Top 100 players.  Silva had won 11 out of 12 matches before losing 3 times in the WAC tournament.  Matias was ranked #55 earlier in the year.  They've won 7 of their last 9.  

#4 Ikaika Jobe, Senior, 28-13 on the season, has won 7 of his last 10.  

#5 Eric Roberson, Freshman, 29-9, and a winner in 6 of his last 7 matches.  

#6 Beck Roghaar, Senior, 24-8, has won 10 of his last 12.



#1 Doubles--Shields and Schoeck, #11 in the country, with a 38-8 record.  The pair has won 7 matches in a row.  They lost 8-6 to the #4 doubles team in the country from Kentucky, but defeated the #2 doubles team from Baylor and the #6 team from LSU in the Indoor Championships.  They also beat the #13 team from TCU and split with the #14 team from New Mexico.

#2--Silva & Jobe, have a 27-9 record.    They defeated the #54 doubles team from Baylor in the Indoor Championships, beat the #34 team from Utah last fall, and narrowly lost to the #14 team from New Mexico.    

#3--Roberson & Werbeck, 7-8 since teaming up after the loss of Nils Klemann to injury.



#34 North Carolina, 16-10, splitting with #8 Duke, defeating #19 South Carolina, #41 Virginia Commonwealth, #48 North Carolina State (twice) and losing to #2 Virginia, #17 Wake Forest, #18 Florida State (twice), #28 Georgia Tech, #32 Notre Dame, #46 Northwestern, #47 Clemson and #56 Alabama.



#1 Raian Luchici, Junior, transferred to UNC from Georgia, has a record of 25-13, including a 6-10 mark against Top 100 players.  He split with  #5 Ludovic Walter from Duke, winning 6-1, 7-6, and losing 6-4, 6-0.  He lost  to #12 Doug Stewart of Virginia (6-0, 6-2) .  Luchici has lost 8 of his last 12 matches.

#2 Brad Pomerov, Junior, has a record of 16-15 and is 0-9 against Top 100 players.  Pomerov has lost 5 of his last 6.  

#3 Geoff Boyd, Senior, is 16-10 on the season.  

#4 Derek Porter, Junior, 18-11 this season.  Porter has won 6 of his last 9 matches.

#5 Jonathan Janda, Senior, 8-5 in singles play.

#6 Benjamin Carlotti, Freshman, #111 in the country.  Carlotti is 22-7 with a 2-1 record against Top 100 players and has won 10 of his last 13.    



#1 Doubles--Boyd & Pomerov, 26-11, including a 3-2 mark against top doubles teams.  They beat the #6 doubles team from LSU at the Indoor Championships.

#2 Janda & Luchici, are 17-9 together, but have lost 5 of their last 7.   

#3 The Tar Heels have used numerous combinations at #3, the most recent being Porter & Aly Mandour, who paired for the first time in the ACC Championships--they are 0-2 together.



#16 Texas A & M--15-8, with splits against 13th-ranked Oklahoma State and #21 USC, wins over #24 California, #25 Texas A & M-Corpus Christi, #29 Texas and #47 Tulsa, and losses to #1 Baylor, #2 Virginia, #8 Duke, #9 Pepperdine, #10 LSU and #15 Texas Tech.  Opponents in common with the Broncos are A & M Corpus Christi (Broncos lost), Tulsa (Broncos won), Baylor (Broncos lost) and LSU (Broncos lost). 



Jerry Makowski, Freshman, Ranked #14 in the country, 21-11, owns a 6-3, 6-3 win over the #2 player in the country, Benedikt Dorsch,  has defeated the #13 player, Conor Niland of California, twice, as well as #19 Jamil Al-Aqba of USC.  He has a 12-10 record against Top 100 Singles players.  Of note, however, is a narrow win over Achim Roth of Tulsa (7-6, 6-4).

Ante Matijevic, Senior, #78 in the nation.  He's 13-7 on the season, including a 4-7 mark against Top 100 players.  His best win is a 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 win over Callum Beale of Texas.  He is the Big 12 #3 singles champion and is a 5-time Croatian national champion.

Bryan Wooten, Sophomore, with a record of 17-13.  Has bounced around between mostly #3 and #4.  Texas 5A Doubles Champion in high school.

Brett Joelson, Sophomore, has been playing #3, but has lost 4 out of 6 since being moved there.

Mohamed Dakki, #5, has won 6 of his last 8, and has a season record of 18-10.

Matt Bain, Freshman, has been playing mostly #5, and has a 13-10 record.  Bain, however, has lost 4 of his last 5.  He was the #3 ranked player in Texas before signing with A & M, and excels on the doubles court.



#1--Matijevic and Joelson, have a 14-3 doubles record, lost only to the #1 doubles team from Oklahoma State (ranked #55), Baylor (#2 in the nation) & Pepperdine (the #7 doubles team).

#2--Wooten & Malmgren, have a 13-5 doubles record, including 5 wins out of their last 6 matches.

#3--Bain & Makowski, have a 6-3 doubles record together. 



#68 Montana State--Two-time Big Sky champions with a record of 19-6, including a win over #34 SMU (Broncos also defeated SMU) and a loss to #31 Boise State.



#1 Federico Ueltschi, Junior, with a 28-7 singles record.  Ueltschi is 1-4 against Top 100 players, including a 6-2, 6-2 loss to Boise State's Luke Shields.  Ueltschi has won 8 of his last 10. 

#2 Marek Gebicki, Junior, has a 22-8 record, including wins in 6 of his last 8 matches. 

#3 Kyle MacDonald, Freshman, is 24-9.  MacDonald has won 5 in a row, but lost to Boise State's Ikaika Jobe at #3 singles in April. 

#4 Braden Olson, Senior, has a season mark of 7-13.

#5 Jake Berriochoa, Junior from Boise, is 12-13.

#6 Justin Hauck, Freshman, is 12-9, and was a two-time state prep champion in New Mexico.



#1 --Olson and Gebicki, are 14-6, and winners of 5 of their last 6.  They lost to Silva and Jobe of Boise State, 8-4. 

#2--Ueltschi and Hauck, just recently teamed up together, and are 4-2.  They lost to Schoeck and Shields of Boise State 8-4.

#3 Berriochoa and MacDonald are 6-3.  They lost to Roberson and Werbeck of Boise State, 8-2.


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