Jousting for Javelin Supremacy

The quest for a national top ten finish for Boise State at next week's NCAA Track & Field Championships begins and ends with three javelin throwers. Gabe Wallin, Nate Putnam and Scott Viafore will battle the nation's best as they throw the long spear 200, 210, 220 or more feet in the air.

The NCAA National Track & Field Championships are set for next week in Sacramento (June 8-11) and Boise State has 3 athletes with legitimate hopes for All-American status in the javelin. Defending national champion Gabe Wallin owned the nation's best collegiate mark for most of the season and is seeded 2nd going into the competition. Only 3 inches separate the top three competitors. Trevor Snyder of Georgia grabbed the #1 seed with a throw of 75.81 meters at the SEC Championships in May. In addition to Wallin, Boise State places hope in Scott Viafore and Nate Putnam, who are seeded 12th and 14th respectively in the event. To attain All-America status, an athlete must place in the top eight.

In addition to the quest for individual greatness in the javelin, these three will also be trying to help Boise State rank in the top ten for the first time in its history., which has ranked the Broncos in the top 20 all season long, currently has them tied for 19th. The service, which is the most respected track & field ranking organization, ranks the teams based on their projected points at these NCAA Championships. Boise State is projected to get 16 points, but would do significantly better if Viafore and Putnam can garner a top finish in the javelin. The #10-ranked team, Stanford, is projected to score 25 points. Boise State's Mattias Jons and Miruna Mataoanu are also competing at the NCAA's. Jons will represent the Broncos in the men's hammer throw and Mataoanu will make her second consecutive appearance in the high jump. Find complete information on Jons and Mataoanu as the featured thread on the Olympic Sports forum.


Boise State and Northwestern State have 3 athletes each among the 26 javelin competitors. California, Texas A & M and Montana have 2 athletes each. Here is a brief look at the 26 competitors and how they got to the NCAA Championships:




1 Trevor Snyder SR Georgia 75.81m--Placed 2nd in the East Regional with a throw of 69.75 meters. Achieved the nation's best this season of 75.81 meters on May 12th at the SEC Championships in Nashville, Tennessee.




2 Gabriel Wallin SR Boise State 75.74m--Won the West Regional in Eugene, Oregon with a throw of 72.81 meters on his 2nd throw of the morning. Wallin heaved the javelin 73.59 meters to win the WAC Championship May 14th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gabe scored his seasonal best of 75.74 meters at the Golden Bear Invitational in Berkeley.





3 Eric Brown JR Arkansas 75.72m--Won the Mideast Regional in Bloomington, Indiana with a throw of 70.38 meters. Brown's toss of 69.78 meters was 2nd to Snyder at the SEC Championships. He achieved his best of 75.72 meters this season at the McDonnell Invitational.







4 Jacobus Smit JR VA Tech 74.00m--Placed 4th in the East Regional with a throw of 69.27 meters. Smit's toss of 69.73 won the Georgia Tech Invitational on May 13th. He captured the ACC Championship with a heave of 72.06 meters. The junior from Virginia Tech achieved his personal best of 74 meters at the Charlotte Invitational in April.

5 Sean Furey SR Dartmouth 73.68m--Won the East Regional in New York downing Snyder of Georgia by nearly 4 meters. Furey threw the spear 73.68 meters to win that competition and compile his seasonal best. Furey's throw of 67.20 meters easily won the New England Championships May 14th at New Hampshire University.

6 Chris Carter JR SE Louisiana 72.11m -Placed 2nd to Smit of Virginia Tech in the Mideast Regional with a toss of 67.46 meters. Won the Southland Championship in Huntsville, Texas on May 14th with a throw of 66.92 meters. Carter set his personal best of 72.11 meters at the LSU Relays in March.

7 Paul Teinert JR California 71.92m--Placed 3rd in the West Regional to Wallin of Boise State and Putnam of Boise State with a throw of 66.02 meters. Won the PAC-10 Championship on the UCLA campus with his seasonal best of 71.92 meters.

8 Jarrad Matthews SR Texas A&M 69.98m--Won the Midwest Regional in Norman, Oklahoma with his seasonal best of 69.98 meters, despite passing on first three throws and 2 fouls on his attempt (one more would have disqualified him). Won the Big 12 Championship on the campus of Kansas State with a throw of 67.89 meters.

9 Anthony Bonura JR Pittsburgh 69.33m--Finished 3rd in the strong East Regional to Furey of Dartmouth and Snyder of Georgia with a seasonal best of 69.33 meters. Won the Big East Championship May 7th on the campus of Rutgers University with a toss of 65.41 meters.

10 Conrad Chanove JR S. Mississippi 68.84m--Placed 4th in the Mideast Regional with a throw of 65.04 meters. Chanove's throw of 68.18 meters won the Conference USA title. Chanove scored his seasonal best of 68.84 meters March 19th at the Alabama Relays.

11 Dane Brubaker SR Montana 68.70m--Placed 2nd in the Midwest Regional to Matthews of Texas A & M with a throw of 66.58 meters. Brubaker finished 2nd in the Big Sky Championships with a throw of 66.81 meters. Brubaker's best of 68.70 meters represented a University of Montana record achieved at the Griz-Cat Dual in Missoula in March.

12 Scott Viafore FR Boise State 68.63m-Finished 5th in the West Regional with a toss of 64.41 meters. Was 4th in the WAC Championships with a throw of 65.78 meters. Like Wallin, Viafore set his season best (68.63 meters) at Berkeley in the Golden Bear Invitational.

13 Bobby Smith JR Monmouth 68.04m--Placed 5th in the East Regional with a throw of 67.88 meters. Smith's toss of 67.16 meters won the Northeast Conference Championship May 8th at Emmitsburgh, Maryland. Smith finished 2nd to Brown of Arkansas at the Penn Relays when he scored his personal best of 68.04 meters.

14 Nate Putnam FR Boise State 67.82m--Placed 2nd in the strong West Regional to teammate Wallin of Boise State with a throw of 67.82 meters, his seasonal best, achieved on his 1st throw of the morning. Putnam placed 3rd in the WAC Championships with a throw of 66.17 meters.

15 Bret Kershner JR Penn St. 66.61m--Placed 6th in the East Regional with his seasonal best toss of 66.61 meters. Kershner won the Big 10 Championship May 14th on the campus of Ohio State University with a throw of 64.58 meters.

16 Cody Fillinich FR NW State-LA 66.46m--Placed 6th in the Mideast Regional with a throw of 63.81 meters. Fillinich's effort of 64.60 meters placed 2nd to Carter of SE Louisiana at the Southland Conference Championships. The freshman put up his 66.46 meter throw at the McDonnell Invitational April 23rd.

17 Adam Burgh SO California 65.69m--Placed 4th in the West Regional with a seasonal best throw of 65.69 meters. Did not qualify for the PAC-10 Conference finals when his best preliminary effort was 59.17 meters.

18 Shane Curlee SR NW State-LA 65.67m--Placed 3rd in the Mideast Regional to Brown of Arkansas and Carter of SE Louisiana with a seasonal best throw of 65.67 meters. Curlee finished 3rd at the Southland Conference Championships with a throw of 61.62 meters.

19 Jason Swenson SR Minnesota 65.58m--Finished 3rd in the Midwest Regional to Matthews of Texas A & M and Brubaker of Montana with a toss of 64.68 meters. His disappointing throw of 61.60 meters placed him 4th in the Big 10 Championships.

20 Anthony Alfier JR Texas A&M 65.21m--Placed 8th in the Midwest Regional with a throw of 60.06 meters. Alfier placed 2nd to teammate Matthews in the Big 12 Championships with a toss of 64.51 meters. Alfier's seasonal best of 65.21 meters came in the Texas Relays on April 9th.

21 Logan Labbe FR Montana 65.06m--Finished 4th in the Midwest Regional with a throw of 61.76 meters. Finished a disappointing 7th in the Big Sky Championships with a throw of 61.93 meters. Like teammate Brubaker, Labbe nailed his seasonal best at the Griz-Cat Dual Meet.

22 Josh Scheer JR Kansas St. 64.84m--Finished 5th in the Midwest Regional with a toss of 61.44 meters. Scheer's throw of 63.26 meters placed him 3rd in the Big 12 Championships to Matthews and Alfier of Texas A & M. The junior from Kansas State scored his personal best of 64.84 meters at the Nebraska Invitational May 7th.

23 Zach Guydish SR E. Washington 64.80m--Placed 8th in the West Regional with a throw of 63.60 meters. Guydish was 4th in the Big Sky Championships with a toss of 63.99 meters.

24 Matt Keeran JR New Mexico 64.44m-Keeran was 7th in the Midwest Regional with a throw of 60.16 meters. Keeran achieved his seasonal best of 64.44 meters winning the event May at the Mountain West Championships May 14th in Fort Collins, Colorado.

25 Ely Dial SR UCLA 64.21m--Placed 6th in the West Regional with his seasonal best of 64.21 meters. Dial placed 6th in the PAC-10 with a throw of 64.01 meters.

26 Loren Martin SR NW State 64.05 m--Placed 7th in the Mideast Regional with a throw of 60.79 meters. Martin placed 4th in the Southland Conference with a throw of 59.91 meters.


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