All-Idaho All-Star Recap: Bronco Recruits

Boise State's tradition of success with Idaho Athlete's who walk on is well known.. so what better place to get a look at the future of Boise State than by watching the very first, (again) Idaho All-State All-Star Game?? So, that's what I did.. with one eye on the known future Bronco players, and a note pad full of notes and impressions. Here's what I saw...

The game was very close, and although Team Treasure Valley pulled out the victory 20-6, it was tight throughout. There was also WAY more intensity to the game than I expected as both sides really wanted this win.

Here are some of the players who're soon to be Broncos who stood out..

KC Billetz, new Bronco Defensive Back.

KC Billetz

First off.. the game started with KC Billetz of Post Falls. Team Treasure Valley's first play from scrimmage was a reverse double-pass.. but KC played is perfectly and pulled down the 1-handed INT. Team Treasure Valley's next drive was stopped by a KC Billetz fumble recovery. This kid was all over the field from his Safety position.

I didn't expect to hear anything about the OLinemen, but Kevin Crumley a 6'4 250 OLineman from Meridian drew lots of praise, first off for his Tad Milleresque attitude, (he pancaked a LB'r for Team Idaho, then stood over him jawing before returning to the huddle), he ran a fumblerooski, (that unfortunately went nowhere), and was referred to as a "monster out there!"

Lester Gray started at MLB and made his presence felt early. He was all over the field and got comments like "man among boys", and "brings the pain!"

Torry McAlvain played quite a bit, making at least 2 catches and showing good moves after the catch. But more impressive than his catches were what he did with them. On one, he turned up field and not only took on a LB'r, but ran over the top of him. Being 6'2 190+lbs gives McAlvain the prototypical NCAA WR body to do that. But what may earn him early playing time was his downfield blocking, which drew praise on more than 1 occasion. 

Andy Silsby

Andy Silsby.. what can I say.. he played FB for this game and was a punishing blocker, a bruising runner, and yet showed off some very soft hands on a tough catch. He easily showed why the Boise State coaches were so eager to land him!

Steve Tracey is simply an athlete. You could put him at any skill position and he would excel. The Broncos recruited him as a WR, and he showed why during this game. He had the highlight catch, going deep on a post pattern. If he hadn't had to wait for the ball he may have scored. He and Brett Davis were the deep threats for Team Treasure Valley, and they didn't disappoint.

Speaking of Brett Davis, he was quite most of the first half, but he came alive in the second. He ran the ball, caught a pass, and routinely flew by over-matched DB's. He had a post pattern where he was at least 7 yards beyond his defender... but the ball was overthrown.

Brandon Rule, new Bronco Defensive End

Brandon Rule

Brandon Rule really showed off his size, (6'8 230lbs), rushing the QB and getting in the passing lane. I saw him affect more than 1 pass due to his stature. Not just a pass-rushing DE, on one play stuffed Team Idaho's marquee RB, standing him straight up and slamming him back.

Trey Spath came into the game listed as a QB, where he played all last year for the Caldwell Cougars, but, showing his versatility and athleticism, played as a WR. Spath was another player who showed tremendous downfield blocking ability, and despite not having huge stats, made his presence felt. Spath was a threat on every play, and Team Treasure Valley used him on a double-pass that was unsuccessful. Spath is just like Steve Tracey.. put them at WR or DB, they'll both make the hard plays look easy.


Now.. a couple of remarks about some kids who didn't announce their College intentions..

Jessie Childs: At one time Childs indicated he had been invited to walk on at Boise State.  His intentions are unclear as of now, but without an announcemnt it's hard to know where he might end up.  Childs had an INT and showed off great instincts. With his lack of experience, size, and raw athletic talent, if Jessie does end up at Boise State, it would be quite a get.

Clayton Hewitt: 6'2 190lbs The nephew of former NFL player and coach Paul Wiggin, Hewitt plans to play in college, the only question is where. He said he was headed to a smaller school, but wanted to use this game as a chance to be seen.. mission accomplished!! This kid came from Clark Fork on the Canadian border. He played 8-man football, but has the size to play D1 ball. AND.. even more important than his size, he's a true football player. He made play after play after play all game long. How he got overlooked during the recruiting process.. his remote location is the only excuse I can think of. What school he will decide to attend, I don't know, but I do know this.. he'll stick wherever he goes to play, and likely earn a scholly within a couple years. He reminded me a lot of Marty Tadman in his nose for the ball and his natural ability to be in the middle of every play. Plus, Clayton has more size than Marty. (Think about that for a while!)
Mr. Hewitt… may I make a suggestion.. consider Boise State!

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