Get That Ball Outta' Here!

In a close game, a team's punter can be the difference-maker. Boise State is fortunate to have one of its all-time greats, Kyle Stringer, active as its punter. Before Kyle, though, there's a good number of guys you could rely on for "the big boot". Read the punters article, then go to the Blue Turf page and vote for your choice as the #1 punter in Bronco history.


Dennis Baird (1968-1970) averaged 40.16 yards a boot from 1968-1970, 3rd all-time. He had two seasons over a 40-yard average, ranking 6th and 11th all-time. Baird is 5th in career punts with 158.

Eric Guthrie (1968-1971) has the #2 career average in Boise State history, booming kicks for a 41.1 average. He averaged 40.87 yards a kick in 1971, good for 10th in the Bronco record books. Eric's 49.8 yards a kick against Idaho State in 1971is the best single game performance in Bronco history.

Gary Gorrell (1972-1975) averaged 41.5 yards a kick in 1974, 5th best all-time. Gorrell averaged 49.2 yards a kick against Utah State in 1975, the 2nd best single-game performance ever.

Tom Spadafore (1979-1980) The #4 career average kicker is Tom Spadafore, who averaged an even 40 yards in 1979 & 1980. Spadafore enjoyed the #4 season by a Bronco punter in 1980, hitting 41.9 yards per kick. Tom is the only kicker to own more than one of the single-game top 10: he averaged 49 against Idaho State in 1979, 48.2 against ISU the following year and 47.5 against Cal State-Fullerton.

Ron Talbot (1982-1984/1986) is 5th in career average with a 39.7 and is 4th in career punts with 187. Talbot owns the 8th best seasonal average of 40.97, which he hit in 1982.

Tom Schimmer (1985-1988) is 2nd for most career punts with 218. Schimmer was drafted in the 4th round of the CFL draft by the Ottawa Rough Riders.

Danny Weeks (1991-1994) holds the record for most punts in a career with 239. He also has two of the top punting averages by a Bronco in a season, ranking 7th and 9th in that department.

Jeff Davis (1995-1998) is 3rd in career punts with 189.

Jeff Edwards (1999-2000) has the best career average, hitting an impressive 42.5 yards per kick in 1999 and 2000. He holds the number two and three seasons by a Boise State punter, hitting the ball for 42.8 yards a punt in 1999 and 42.0 yards a boot in 2000. Edwards was named to the All-Big West team in 2000, the only Bronco punter ever named to an all-conference 1st team.

Kyle Stringer (2003-current) set the all-time Bronco punting record last year with a 43.9 average.

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