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More often than not, a kick returner is in the game after an opposing team score. Vital to his role is getting a good return and good field position for his offense to start their drive. In this article, we look at some of the top kickoff returners in Bronco history. Look them over, then vote for your favorite on the BroncoCountry All-Time Team!


Henry Jenkins (1969) averaged 27.7 yards, good for the 5th best season average all-time.

Bill Stephens (1971-1972) is 5th in career kickoff returns with 43. Stephens ran back a 98-yarder against Northern Arizona in 1972.

Rolly Woolsey (1972-1974) has the #3 longest postseason kickoff return, as the future Dallas Cowboy sprinted for a 52-yard gain against South Dakota in 1973.

John Smith (1972-1975) is #2 for postseason kickoff return average; Smith averaged 34.5 yards a return in 4 playoff games. The highlight for Smith was his 86 yard return against South Dakota in the 1973 Division 2 playoff game.

Gary Rosolowich (1973-1976) is #4 all-time with a super 25.3 career average (58 returns for 1,465 yards) and he's 3rd for career kickoff returns with 58. He ran back 2 kickoffs, a 93-yarder against Nevada in 19876 and a 90-yarder vs. Cal Poly-SLO in 1975.

John Broadous (1981-1982) had a 100-yard kickoff return against Idaho in 1981.

Tony Hunter (1984-1985) netted a career 24.3 average (16 returns for 389 yards) which places him 6th all-time.

Chris Truitt (1986, 1988) is 4th in career kickoff returns with 44. Truitt was named to the All-Big Sky team in 1986.

Chris Thomas (1988-1991) is 4th in the record books for his 1989 average of 27.9 yards per return. Thomas ran back a 94-yarder against Northern Arizona in 1989.

Kerry Lawyer (1991-1993) is 3rd in kickoff return average for a season with an even 28 yards per return in 1991.

Willie Bowens (1993-1994) ranks 5th in career kickoff return average with an even 25 yards per return (25 for 389 yards). His incredible performance against Marshall in the 1994 I-AA Semifinal game, when he racked up 146 yards in returns against the Thundering Herd, was a major reason why Boise State was in the national championship that year. This was typical of the postseason performance for Bowens--for the 4 playoff games that year, Bowens averaged 35.2 yards per return.

Andre Horace (1995-1996) is the all-time record holder for career average with 26.7 on 16 returns for 427 yards. Horace ran a kickoff to the Bronco 6 all the way back against Utah State in 1995.

Brock Forsey (1999-2002) is #2 in career kickoff returns with 63. He is also #3 for his 20.8 return average in the postseason.

David Mikell (2000-2003) is the all-time record holder for his 71 kickoff returns as well as his 28.7 average in 2000. He also is #2 in season return average with his 28.4 per return in 2001 and #2 with a career mark of 26.4 (those 71 returns for 1,896 yards). Mikell scored 2 98-yard touchdowns in his career, a gem against Arkansas in 2000 followed the next season by a run to the house against Hawai'i in 2000.

Chris Carr (2000-2004) has the #3 kickoff return average for his career (40 for 1,037) with a 25.9. Carr is currently with the Oakland Raiders of the NFL.




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