Boise State Set to Name Bronco 35 Team

Who knew when Bronco Stadium was dedicated in 1970 that it would come to this--three straight seasons in the top 15 in the nation? To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Bronco Stadium, fans can vote for the Bronco 35 Team.


As reported on BroncoCountry, Boise State University is celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Bronco Stadium by naming a "Bronco 35 Team", whereby fans can vote for their choices as the best Broncos at each position. BroncoCountry is proud to be associated with this event, having spent the past two summers voting on our own all-time team. Winners of the polling will be announced at halftime of the Homecoming game between Boise State and Portland State.

Six quarterbacks will vie for the all-time Bronco signal-caller: Eric Guthrie, Jim McMillan, Joe Aliotti, Tony Hilde, Bart Hendricks and Ryan Dinwiddie. 

There will be three running backs selected to be on the Bronco 35 team, chosen from the following: John Smith, David Hughes, Cedric Minter, Terry Zahner, Rodney Webster, Jon Francis, Chris Jackson, Chris Thomas, K.C. Adams, Eron Hurley, Brock Forsey and David Mikell.

Two of these former great wide receivers will make the elite list: Al Marshall, Don Hutt, Mike Holton, Terry Hutt, Kipp Bedard, Kim Metcalf, Eric Andrade, Winky White, Mike Wilson, Ryan Ikebe, Rodney Smith, Jay Swillie, Lou Fanucchi, Billy Wingfield, Tim Gilligan and T.J. Acree.

There are six tight ends in the poll for Bronco fans to vote for: Duane Dlouhy, Don Summers, Larry Stayner, Jim Brekke, Dave Stachelski and Jeb Putzier.

At center, these former Broncos are in the running for the Bronco 35 team: John Klotz, Mark Villano, Randy Schrader, Dan Smith, Jeff Pitman, Paul Coffman and Scott Huff.

At guard, 2 members of the team will be chosen from the following: Dan Dixon, Glenn Sparks, Alva Liles, Dale Phillips, Shawn Beaton, Jon Zogg, Steve Despot, Tom DeWitz, Alex Toyos, Jeremy Mankins and Rob Vian.

The tackles will be chosen from this list of great Broncos: Al Davis, Everett Carr, Harold Cotton, Dennis Brady, John Kilgo, Jermaine Berlin, Keith Dilworth, Scott Buttice, Matt Hill and Daryn Colledge.

On defense, there will be two defensive tackles, selected from the following: Chris Malmgren, Doug Scott, Randy Trautman, Michel Bourgeau, Marcus Koch, Shawn Anderson, Kimo Von Oelhoffen, Chris Shepherd, Bobby Setzer and Bobby Hammer.

Rounding out the defensive line are the two defensive ends. The following Broncos are in the poll: Faddie Tillman, John Rade, Lance Sellers, Pete Kwiatkowski, Erik Helgeson, Greg Sabala, Chris Wing and
Julius Roberts.

Four linebackers will be chosen to the all-time Bronco 35 Team from this group: Steve Vogel, Loren Schmidt, Gary Gorrell, Willie Beamon, Bob Macauley, Larry Polowski, Ray Santucci, Carl Keever, Jim Ellis, Rex Walters, Scott Russell, Matt McLaughlin, Brian Smith, Bryan Johnson and Andy Avalos.

An impressive list of Broncos at corner will make this voting tough: Rolly Woolsey, Gary Rosolowich, Mike Bradeson, Frank Robinson, Rashid Gayle, Dempsy Dees and Gabe Franklin.

The safeties will be chosen from this list: Joe Larkin, Ken West, Sam Miller, Rick Woods, Maury Moore, Kenny Kuehl, Chris Cook, Shaunard Harts, Quintin Mikell and Wes Nurse.

At placekicker, the following specialists are in the poll: Kenrick Camerud, Roberto Moran, Mike Black, Mike Dodd, Greg Erickson, Nick Calaycay and Tyler Jones.

Which punter will make the all-time team? The following made the final list: Dennis Baird, Eric Guthrie, Tom Spadafore, Ron Talbot, Danny Weeks and Jeff Edwards.

There will be one returner on the Bronco 35 team, making for another close vote from these Broncos: Al Marshall, Gary Rosolowich, Rick Woods, Ron Love, Chris Truitt, Kerry Lawyer, K.C. Adams, David Mikell, Tim Gilligan and Chris Carr.

No team would be complete without a coach and this is the ballot for Head Coach: Tony Knap, Jim Criner, Lyle Setencich, Skip Hall, Pokey Allen, Houston Nutt, Dirk Koetter and Dan Hawkins.

Another fun vote will be for the best team in Bronco history. These great teams are in the running:

This should be a lot of fun for Bronco fans as we all celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Bronco Stadium. Those who have participated in BroncoCountry polls over the last two years should be old hats at this. So study up, click on the Bronco 35 Logo when you're ready and cast your vote!

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