Bronco Country Right from the Start

Bronco Nation is growing by leaps and bounds, and in this article we look at how Boise State has come so far so fast.

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By: Arxnsprx

When you think about Bronco Country, the first thought that comes to the mind of the 2005 Boise State fan is the BroncoCountry web site. Bronco Country is not a new concept. Before the second level addition on the east side, blue turf, or rowdy fans dressed in orange, Bronco Country was there. The picture to the left is from the early 1980's with the caption "This is Bronco Country!"


The Boise State fan has much more offered to them than in the early

days, the changes to the stadium being at the top of the list. The 1969

wood bleachers and a grass field have evolved to include the two tier

concrete structure, blue turf to field turf, press box, orange-out shirt

fetish, and a TV towering over the North end-zone rowdies.

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Left: Deconstruction of the wooden Bronco Stadium 1969


Bronco Stadium October 2002

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Bronco Stadium green turf and no second deck on the east side.

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Bronco Stadium

with blue turf and

blue track. 1986

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New indoor practice facility August 13, 2005

In addition to the stadium expansion, merchandise availability for the

Bronco fan has exploded onto the scene. Before 1999 the bronco fan

had few choices for official game day apparel. The Bronco Shop was

the only place in town for supporters to get their team spirit duds.

Today, every shop from the local grocery store to the corner drug store,

have a variety of items available for the Bronco fan getting geared-up for

the 2005 season.

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Some Bronco fans reach beyond commercial merchandising for their game

day apparel selections. During a home game, the number of informational

signs and personal decorations makes Bronco Stadium a colorful place to

be. Fans have taken their attire to a whole new level. Creativity and color

are no obstacle for the true Bronco fan, and can even be found outside

the stadium in pre-game tailgating celebrations-it is a great spectacle!

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In the past years Bronco fans have referred to passing seasons as the

"National Championship Year" or the "Magic Carpet Ride". Currently,

each new season is launched with a slogan such as "Leave No

Doubt", "Prove It!", "Brick by Brick", and now "Amp It Up!" which

not only helps distinguish the season, but reflects the motivation of the

team and fires up the fans.

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1980 Championship Button

1994 Champions

"Magic Carpet Ride"

2005 Amp It Up Football

Access to Bronco team information is also more readily available in 2005.

Previously radio programs, season media guides, and newspaper articles

Were the only avenues for information, and twenty years ago a BSU

game making the evening news or appearing on television was rare. Now,

technology allows Bronco fans access to ESPN, TV and radio coach's

shows, or to peruse the Internet for a variety of team info. BSU games

can even be watched on Technology has not only

helped to fuel Bronco fever, but even encourages off-season spirit

through the recent addition of season highlights DVD's and

videos now available.

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The 4 Horsemen on green turf in 1980





The 2004 season highlight DVD.

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Bronco Country is going strong at Boise State. BSU fans are gearing up for

The 2005 season. More people than ever are traveling to away games and

season ticket sales are at an all-time high. Around town in all public places

Boise State fans are wearing blue and orange in record numbers. What is

in store for the 2005 season? No one knows, but the Bronco fan is ready

for it!

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