Surge in Season Ticket Sales

Season ticket sales have greatly increased over the last two years, leaving Bronco Stadium close to being a sellout with few individual game tickets available. The following is a breakdown of the seats still available for purchase, the total number of season tickets sold, and the many benefits of joining the Bronco Athletic Association.



With the recent success of the Boise State football team, season ticket sales have been skyrocketing. There are approximately 23,000 seats available in Bronco Stadium for the general public with the rest going to students and fans of the opposing team. Two years ago, approximately 14,000 season tickets were sold. That figure jumped to 18,200 last year. At last word, over 19,000 tickets have been sold this year and expectations were that they would go well over 20,000. Anita Guerricabeitia, Boise State Assistant Athletic Director in charge of Ticket Operations, said, "We've sold just over 19,000 season tickets to date. There is a lot of people coming in everyday for tickets. We are going to start selling individual game tickets on August 31st IF there are any left. Time to move if your interested in season tickets as there's more interest every day now." Season tickets can be purchased from the Varsity Center Ticket Office located at the south end of Bronco Stadium. Tickets can be reserved at (208) 426-4737.

As for availability, the East Side is nearly sold out. Refer to the diagram at for the breakdown of the stadium by section. There are only single seats available in the Buckaroo part of Section 124. There are some Bronco Club seats in the top of that section, which are on approximately the 30-yard line. There are also seats in Sections 125 and 126 in the first three rows and the last three rows of each. The Horseshoe is nearly sold out as well, with the Family packages doing real well. Sections 101-104 and 127-130 have a few left together, but most are single seats. For the field seating, the best bet is on the West Side, where plenty of seats are available from the goal line to the 10-yard line. Those sections are 105, 106, 110 and 111. An estimated total of 1,000 seats are still available in those four sections. Most of the remaining season tickets to be sold are in the North and South end zone bleacher seats. There are a total of 2,500 of those, and approximately 1,500 of those are left. Last year, they also opened up bleacher seats far along the West Side towards the new Indoor Practice Facility; those will be the best seats available if season tickets sell out.


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End zone seats in the bleachers are just $108 for all seven home games, with juniors (12 and under) going for $66. No membership in the Bronco Athletic Association is required for the end zone bleachers. Sections 105 and 111 season tickets are $172, again with no BAA membership required. Bronco Club seating in Sections 106, 110 and 124 are $188, with a $120 donation to the BAA. BAA donations are tax-deductible for those who itemize; check with your tax accountant to see if they are for your situation.


Keep in mind that the scholarship money that goes to pay for student-athletes comes solely from BAA memberships. As the cost of college continues to rise, the amount of money required to go from the athletic department to the academic department also increases each year. By purchasing a BAA membership, you are helping young people go to college, helping the BAA meet the entire cost of these scholarships, and freeing up money in the athletic department to go solely to athletics.


We all know what happened in ordering Georgia away game tickets--they sold out. The few tickets not purchased by BAA members were gobbled up by Georgia fans. Many Bronco fans were shut out, forcing them to cancel plans and reservations they had already made in the expectation that they would be going to the game. This is one of the great benefits of BAA membership--you have first priority on buying away game tickets. These order forms are mailed to you long before the general public (or Georgia fans) has any shot at buying them. Not only can you buy tickets for yourself, but also you can request as many as you want for friends and these requests are only subject to availability of tickets. For example, in the Georgia game situation, you could have ordered 10, 20, or 30 tickets this year for your friends and gotten them all.


There was a great BAA BBQ this past Friday, featuring Coach Hawkins, Coach Lucas of the women's soccer team and Coach Sandel of the women's volleyball team. Each coach gave a short talk and the other coaches and players were introduced as well. It was a great way to kickoff the fall season and get energized. The BBQ is free with your BAA membership. You will also receive the Boise State Focus Magazine as well as the BAA Insiders Newsletter with your BAA membership.


Another benefit that really comes into play is the priority to buy tickets to any post-season game that Boise State plays. If Boise State were invited to play in a major bowl this season, you would be able to buy tickets for that before the general public, provided you have a BAA membership.


So the benefits of BAA membership are many. It gives you guaranteed seats every game, Priority status for purchasing away game tickets and bowl game tickets, and free admission to the BAA BBQ. You know where the seats will be every week, and you won't have to sit in the Northwest bleacher seats to watch the Broncos. If you haven't already done so, get your season tickets soon and please consider joining the Bronco Athletic Association!


Just 16 days to Game Day!




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