Game Blog: Hawaii

I've heard that lack of sleep can cause strange hallucinations. That might explain the second half of last night's UH/BSU game, but it doesn't explain the eight-foot yellow tree sloth painting monkeys on the ceiling of my living room. Nevertheless, here's a recap. Of the game, not the sloth.

Somebody needs to invent artificial mud: The heavy rains throughout the game landed on synthetic turf, which is really too bad. There's nothing like watching a football game played in the rain and mud, and last night's game was a prime opportunity for such a contest. Too bad. The way both teams slugged it out, they deserved to have mud on their uniforms and clumps of grass stuck in their grills.

Victory hangs in the balance: This game was the ultimate example of why a balanced attack is critical in winning close ballgames, especially on the road. The Broncos racked-up 207 yards passing, 223 yards rushing, and 157 yards on special teams. That, my friends, is balance.

Game Ball #1: Very Special Teams. Yes, they got the Game Ball last week, too, but this week they just about earned a Season Ball. You don't often see a punt return, blocked FG return and blocked XP return in a single game. Talk about many happy returns. Oh, and Stringer's heads-up play that turned a nightmare into a first down was the icing on the proverbial cake.

Close teams: The Warriors and Broncos have developed a nice, respectful rivalry. Despite Hawaii's 0-5 record against BSU, there was a lot of camaraderie and closeness amongst the players, even some, dare I say, hugs. Just one problem. HEY REFS: IT'S CALLED HOLDING. TRY CALLING IT ONCE IN AWHILE.

Game Ball #2: Daryn Colledge. One blocked field goal, one blocked extra point, and a whole bunch of blocked Warriors. Nice.

Fan-tastic: The Bronco fans who made the trip deserve kudos for making the trip and making a lot of noise. The Bronco fans who stayed up until the wee hours to watch the game deserve kudos for staying up until the wee hours to watch the game. The Bronco fans who only watched the first half and then went to bed deserve kudos for being smart enough to realize they can watch the second half on KTVB's tape delay the next morning and stay rested without missing any of the game. (Insert smart-alecky whistley emoticon here.)

Game Ball #3: Zabra. (I.e. half of Zabransky.) His first half was forgettable, his second half, memorable. Z showed his toughness by playing a near perfect second half in leading the Broncos on long scoring drives. If he can put two halves like that in one game, look out. And in case you hadn't noticed, he also threw for 3 TDs giving him 7 touchdowns and only 1 interception since the opener, not to mention 160 yards and 3 TDs on the ground for the year.

Blue Streak: 27 straight WAC wins extends BSU's conference record once held by some team down in Utah. BYwho?

Turns my stomach: Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. Once again, the Broncos dodged a bullet by winning the game despite losing 4 turnovers and only creating 2. Time to turn over a new leaf and win the turnover battle, especially for all the BSU fans who turn out for every game and are willing to turn the other cheek as long as we win. Need to turn these guys lose and turn the tables in the turnover department if we want to turn this season into something truly special.

Game Ball #4: Brennen. The Warrior sophomore QB heaved as much on the sidelines as he heaved the ball in the game. Despite the weak stomach, he displayed a strong and accurate arm, tough mindset and the kind of moxie that makes Hawaii more dangerous without the all-time passing yardage leader behind center. Though Hawaii fans won't soon forget Timmy Chang, Brennen may prove to be the better QB once his UH career is done.

Up next: Portland State. The Broncos are coming home for homecoming. But if you think the Vikings are a pushover, consider they're ranked ahead of many WAC teams in the Sagarin ratings. Regardless, it will be good to have a normal college football Saturday at Bronco Stadium for a change. Tailgating starts at noon, the game at 6:05. Don't be late, even if you are a monkey-painting 7-foot yellow tree sloth.

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